Chapter 1

Justin's body felt numb and dull. The only thing he could feel was the terrible throbbing in his head. As he slowly came into consciousness he was aware of the cold metal table beneath him. He became aware of someone entering the room. He let himself drift back into unconsciousness while the nurse or doctor checked his vitals. As soon as he heard the click of the door shutting, he resumed fighting his way to consciousness. The harsh fluorescent lights hurt his eyes. Justin struggled to sit up but was met with resistance. It quickly came back to him that he was strapped down. He flexed his numb and uncoordinated fingers. Time meant nothing to him. He worked tirelessly on the one strap. If he could get just one arm free it would be a step in the right direction. Inch by painful inch he worked the strap open. He worked it out of the loop then gave a sharp tug. He sighed in relief when he felt it slacken. Justin freed his wrist then wasted no time freeing the other. He sat up on the table too fast, making himself dizzy and sick. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath. Justin scooched down so he could reach his ankles, easily tearing away his restraints.

When he hopped down off the table his knees buckled and he grabbed the table to keep from falling. The nausea hit him like a sledge hammer. He gagged but there was nothing to bring up. He couldn't remember the last time he had eaten. In this place the food wasn't all that desirable anyway. Justin gathered his strength valiantly and shuffled to the door. He pressed his sweaty brow against the cold metal door. He prayed it would be unlocked; he had to get out of this place. To his relief the door popped open. Justin opened the door a crack and peered out into the hallway; it was all clear. He had absolutely no plan of escape. Justin didn't know how far he would make it, but he had to try. Justin took a deep breath and entered the hallway. He looked up and down the corridor trying to orient himself. Finally he picked a direction and went with it, forcing his legs to move.

The hallway seemed endless. When he felt he couldn't go on, he rested against a metal door. The coolness felt good against his body. It helped a little to bring him out of his drugged state. As he turned his head and opened his eyes, he looked into the small window set into the door. Justin had a feeling fate had led him to this door. Inside lay the most beautiful man he had ever seen. He was curled into a ball on the floor and most likely was being kept drugged out of his mind as he appeared to be. Thorazine was used quite frequently to keep the patients in control. Justin couldn't tear his eyes away from the man. He could kick himself for wasting time. He couldn't even save himself and he was going to try to save someone else. Justin knew in his heart that he couldn't leave the gorgeous man behind. He didn't look like he was doing so well. His skin had a sallow tint and he was way too thin.

Just then he heard whistling and knew one of the guards was coming. He got his adrenaline pumping and edged up to the corner where the guard would come around. As soon as he did, Justin lashed out with a high kick to the head that stunned the guard. Justin snatched his nightstick and brought it down on his skull. The guard fell to the floor unconscious. Justin nearly fell on his ass; his balance wasn't all the best as he was fighting the drugs in his system. He dragged the guard into a supply closet and snatched his key card and a ring of keys. Justin trotted back to the room that held the man. He swiped the key card and the door buzzed open. Justin trembled slightly then dropped to his knees next to the man. Justin pulled him up into his arms.

"I'm going to get you out of here, but you have to help me. Fight the drugs," Justin murmured.

The man turned his head at the sound of the voice. Justin was startled when he saw the green gold eyes gaze into his blue ones. Justin wrapped his arms around the slender man's waist and helped pull him to his feet. He was much taller than Justin and by the look of it, more drugged too. If they fell, it would be disastrous. Justin tugged the man out of the room. Justin kept a firm arm around the man's waist; one of his arms was draped heavily across Justin's shoulders. Justin was supporting most of his weight and it was taking its toll. As they passed an empty nurse's station, Justin snagged a red hoodie sweater. They needed to get rid of their issued garments as soon as possible. The man rested against the wall while Justin slipped on the sweater. He looked down at himself; it would have to do for now. He ran his hand through his sweat matted locks causing them to spike up a bit. Justin cupped the man's face in his hands.

"What's your name?"

The man just stared at him blankly; he didn't think he would get an answer till he heard a quiet mumble. "Bri…an."

Justin smiled. "Brian, I'm Justin and we are going to get the hell out of here." Justin dragged Brian down the long hallways. Every time they heard someone approaching, they ducked into hiding. Justin practically cried in relief when he saw an exit up ahead. With Brian in tow, he lunged for the door. Of course it was locked. He fumbled with the keys and picked one at random. Luck was on his side when the door swung open. Justin hauled Brian outside and breathed deeply of the night air. It smelled sweet after smelling nothing but stale, sterile air for so long. The cool night air helped wake Justin up. They hurried to the parking lot where the staff kept their cars. Justin picked a red Honda. He tried the door and was surprised to find it unlocked. Justin went around and got Brian settled in the passenger's seat. He found a leather jacket in the back seat and helped Brian put it on. When he got behind the wheel he searched for the keys finding an extra set tucked up in the visor. He rolled his eyes at the original hiding spot. He glanced at Brian who was slumped in his seat passed out.

Justin caressed Brian's face then checked his pulse. Brian would be fine once the drugs wore off. He started the car and headed for the gate. This was the tricky part. The guard would have to open the gate or he could just floor it and risk rendering the car useless. Justin was beginning to think Brian was his lucky charm. The guard barely looked at him as he opened the gate. As Justin drove through he noticed the guard was getting a rigorous blow job from his girlfriend. Justin wasted no time getting the fuck out of there, putting as many miles as he could between them and that hellish place. He hoped he could get far enough away before he passed out or they switched cars which ever came first.

"It's just you and me now, Brian," he whispered to his sleeping companion.

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