Be Careful What You Wish For

Chapter 5


*   *   *


Brian tossed and turned in his bed. He couldn't seem to get to sleep. He glanced at the clock on the nightstand which said it was after three a.m. With a sigh Brian threw back the sheets and walked over to the window. His room looked out over a beautiful garden. Maybe if he went for a walk. Brian put on his jeans and a T-shirt and headed downstairs.

He opened the front door tentatively hoping he wouldn't set off any alarms. Thankfully all was silent as he made his way outside. He walked down the driveway to the main gate which was closed. He debated trying to go out through it but didn't want to press his luck with alarms.

He turned around and headed back towards the house. Maybe tomorrow he'd ask about going out at night, how to do that without setting off sirens or guard dogs. There must be some gay clubs in Denver and it had been days now since he'd had his dick sucked. Maybe that's why he felt so cranky and out of sorts. Too little dick made Brian a bitch! He chuckled to himself.

He was back at the house but didn't feel like going inside. He decided to walk around the house and maybe check out the garden he could see from his window. He walked along the path that led around to the back lost in thought about what had happened with Justin Taylor. Yesterday had been interesting. A couple of times they had come very close to connecting and then something would happen that would drive them farther apart than ever. It was usually something that Brian said that caused the friction.

Brian stopped and surveyed the beautifully laid out garden in front of him. The scent of roses and some other flowers drifted over him and he breathed deeply. This really was a beautiful place. John had made a real success of himself. It was too bad how his life seemed destined to end. Brian hoped that would not be his fate in life. Every gay man prayed that that would not be his fate. But for far too many it was.

Seeing a cement bench at one side of the garden Brian walked over and sat down. He lit a cigarette although he had cut way back on how many he smoked these days, and he had made a point of not smoking since he arrived in Denver. The cigarette tasted good after all this time.

Brian blew some smoke rings thinking about Justin Taylor and what to make of him. He hadn't had things as easy as Brian had thought, not if Brian could believe the story Justin had told him. Justin had certainly seemed overcome a couple of times. Brian shivered thinking about the bashing. No one should have to endure that. It was a wonder the man had survived and been able to continue with his art. John had seen to that.

That brought Brian to the ultimate question of why John had summoned Brian to Denver. It seemed obvious that John wanted to reconnect with Brian, but there was an underlying current that Brian couldn't quite put his finger on. He wondered if John was perhaps testing him to see if he was worthy to inherit some of John's money. Brian had no idea how much money John had amassed, but it had to be sizeable if the mansion was any indication. Brian didn't really need money, but a life like John led could be very interesting. Brian smiled to himself. Yeah, like he could live in a mansion. That wasn't for him. He could always sell it.

"Fuck!" Brian said aloud. What the hell was he thinking acting like John had already died and he was figuring out what to do with John's money? Maybe it was time for him to go home. This place was starting to have a weird effect on him. He didn't normally think like that, not at all!

And then there was Justin Taylor. If John left everything to Justin, then so be it. It sounded like John had looked after Justin when he needed help and now Justin was looking after John. But if that was what was going to happen, why had John brought Brian there? Brian frowned as he stamped out his cigarette beneath his boot. Time to go back to bed and see if he could sleep.

As Brian started around the house he didn't notice the figure watching him from an upstairs window. Justin was in John's room checking that the man was comfortable when he had looked out the window and had seen Brian sitting in the garden. He wondered what Brian was doing out there. He was obviously thinking and Justin could only wonder what he was thinking about. Maybe Brian was contemplating the future, like Justin had been doing ever since John got so sick. The future was not a particularly pleasant thing to think about.

Brian quietly climbed the stairs. He debated going into John's room to see if the man was all right, but he didn't want to disturb him. As he arrived at John's door, Brian decided to peek in and make sure John was sleeping. He carefully turned the knob and opened the door a crack. The first thing he saw was Justin at John's bedside. He was holding John's head and helping him drink some water. He heard John's muffled, "Thank you." As quietly as he could Brian closed the door and went to his room. He didn't want to disturb them.

Inside his room Brian looked at Mickey sitting on the dresser where he had been placed after Brian had opened John's gift. This was the Mickey Mouse he should have had when he was four years old. It was only thirty years late. Brian picked it up and carried it over to the bed. He laid Mickey on the pillow on the far side of the bed while he shucked off his clothes. He slid under the sheets and looked over at Mickey. Sometimes life was fucking hysterical.

Brian closed his eyes and tried to empty his mind. He didn't want to think about John and what was happening to him. He didn't want to think about Justin Taylor, but his mind kept returning to images of Justin in his swimsuit and then in his arms as the story of his life had been too much to deal with. Brian found his hand going to his cock, and thinking of Justin in the pool helped him get off. Maybe then he could sleep.

He would wake the next morning with Mickey clasped firmly against his chest.

The next morning Brian once again found himself talking a walk around the property. He was never what one would consider a nature person, but something about the lavish grounds made him want to be outside in the early morning air. This time he branched out farther, taking in his surroundings as he listened to the sounds of birds singing in the distance. After awhile he began to feel the strange sensation of being watched and glanced back towards the house, but with the light from the morning sun, he couldn't make out anyone in the distance. He stayed out there a little bit longer, until he was sure that the rest of the household would be up and moving before heading back inside for his coffee. He never noticed the pair of intense blue eyes watching him from the second story window.

Justin watched Brian walk back inside with mixed feelings coursing through him. He had admitted to himself, almost from Brian's arrival, that the man was a work of art in his eyes. Those intense hazel eyes, mixed with raspberry lips, and a defined swimmer's build were enough to make Justin's cock stand at attention. As he stood at his window, watching the auburn haired man enjoying the morning, he was having a hard time trying to control his wayward thoughts. As much as he longed to be with Brian, to have the man naked in his bed, he knew that it was a fantasy that was out of the question. Not only was he John's nephew, but he was the most infuriating man that Justin had ever come across. He was rude, callous, and constantly antagonizing Justin at every turn. He even had the nerve to insinuate that Justin was using John for his money. If he had even bothered to ask, Justin would've explained to Brian just how much the older man meant to him. But he was too busy passing judgment to even care about the truth. No, Brian was just out to start trouble and Justin wasn't about to let him get away with it. And yet, there he was, sneaking glimpses of the man and letting his libido cause him to react like a lust starved teenager instead of the level-headed man he was. He stepped back from the window and cursed his throbbing cock before storming into the bathroom to find temporary relief.

As he shot his load against the shower wall, letting the hot water wash away the remnants of his orgasm, Justin decided that it had been too long since he was outside the mansion walls. The trip they took the day before didn't count since Brian had been with him. What he needed was a night at the local club, dancing, drinking, and making a trip to the back room. Something to satisfy him and keep his thoughts of Brian strictly G-rated. With his decision made, he got out of the shower, dried off, and got dressed before going down to John's room. He was surprised to find Brian already there.

"Good morning," Justin greeted as he crossed the room and kissed John's cheek with affection. "How did you sleep?"

"Better, although I did wake up around three in need of a pain pill," John admitted before continuing quickly. "And don't start grilling me. I'm fine. I would've called for you if I wasn't. We've discussed this before and I warned you that things were going to start getting worse soon. I know my own body and it's getting tired."

"John, I told you…"

"Justin, you need to start accepting this. I'm not going to be around much longer," John said softly as he reached for Justin's hand. He hated to see the pain in Justin's eyes whenever they discussed his impending death, but he wanted to help the boy prepare for the day when he was no longer there. If he got his way, Justin would have Brian to lean on for support when the time came. "Listen, Brian and I were just discussing the nightlife. I was thinking that you should take him to the Wave tonight. I'm sure you two boys will be the talk of the evening."

Justin blinked back the tears that were threatening to fall from the sheer sadness of knowing John was dying, as the older man's words sunk in. He had every intention of going to the Wave that night, but it was in hopes of forgetting all about Brian, not bringing him with him. "Tonight?"

Brian was watching the interaction between the two men and felt a tug on his heart, not only from the reminder that after just finding his uncle, he was going to be losing him, but also from the pain Justin was in over losing someone who he was obviously so close to. When John mentioned them going to the club, Brian was sure he heard hesitation in Justin's voice and decided to speak up. He didn't need a chaperone. "It's not a big deal if Justin doesn't want to go out tonight. Just give me decent directions and I'll find the place on my own."

Justin was ready to accept Brian's suggestion, but then remembered how much he needed to get his own needs met. Besides, he was sure that once they walked through the door, they'd go their separate ways and manage to enjoy their night separately. "No, that's okay. I was thinking about getting out tonight anyway. I usually head over there around 10:00. Is that all right?"

"Sounds good to me," Brian replied, confused by the different emotions that played across Justin's face.

"Damn, I almost wish I was going, too. You two are going to be the talk of the club," John chuckled as he fought to ignore the way the two men were eyeing each other.

"I'll leave you two alone for awhile so you can talk. I have a ton of work ahead of me in the studio. If you need anything…"

"I know, I know," John smiled. "Go ahead and get to work. Brian and I will be fine here."

Justin nodded his head and smiled at his old friend before leaving the room without looking back at Brian. The looks he'd been getting since walking into the room left him feeling strange and uncomfortable, but not necessarily in a bad way. After the way he shamelessly touched himself to Brian's memory just a short time earlier, he needed to put some distance between them. Especially if they were going to be spending the evening together.

Brian spent most of the day with his uncle, learning all that he could about his family. He was surprised to learn that his father had been good to him when he was first born. He always thought that his father's hatred had started the day of conception, but according to the stories John was sharing, that hadn't been the case. In fact, it appeared that John had no knowledge of the physical and mental abuse that Brian had suffered through during his childhood; something that he had no interest in sharing. The two men ate their lunch together before Brian left to give John time for a nap. He felt a strange pull towards Justin's studio, but fought his urge to seek the other man out. Instead he went down to the gym and had a good work-out before taking a swim in the pool. His mind was still reeling with all that he had learned about Jack Kinney and he felt it was best to use his time to try to work through the anger that surfaced. What had changed to cause his father to go from the loving Dad that John saw to the evil man that Brian remembered?

During the afternoon Brian once again found himself back in John's room. He was surprised to learn that Justin hadn't checked on him once and had a feeling that his presence was the reason for the blond's absence. He could tell by Justin's reaction earlier that taking Brian to a club was not tops on his plans for the evening, and Brian had decided to let him off easy. When they met up later, Brian would just ask Justin for directions to the club and go on his own. It was the best solution for both of them, considering the way Brian had begun noticing Justin's attributes in the last two days. The last thing he needed was to start thinking of Justin as anything but his uncle's dearest friend.

Brian took dinner alone in the dining room. John was exhausted after spending the day regaling him with stories of the past and Justin was still nowhere in sight. He asked Arthur about Justin's absence when he found him in the kitchen talking to the cook, but all Arthur could say was that Justin had a tendency to lose himself in his work and that it was no surprise that he hadn't been heard from all day. Brian wondered, but accepted the man's explanation without question. He'd just have to wait until later to talk to Justin about the club.

Justin spent the entire day hiding out in the studio. At first he was just trying to figure out what to do about his weird thoughts of Brian, but by the afternoon he had submersed himself in his work. It had been ages since he could let himself work without worrying about John and checking on him regularly. Not that he wasn't still worried, but he knew that Brian was there for the older man, and Justin didn't want to interfere. John only had the rest of the week to get to know his nephew and Justin didn't want to take that away from his friend.

By the time the sun had gone down, Justin had finished the painting he'd spent the better part of the day working on. He refused to think about his subject. It didn't mean anything to him. It was a gift that he created for John, plain and simple. And as he stood back and studied the canvas in front of him, the hazel eyes, defined facial features, the auburn hair set just right to give the man the slightly mussed look, he replayed the mantra over and over again in his head. It's all for John, it's all for John. If he kept it up long enough, he just might believe it, too. Shaking his head in self-disgust, he covered the canvas with a cloth and cleaned up his work area before heading up to his room to get ready. It was after nine o'clock and he needed to wash away all the paint and grime from his project before meeting Brian downstairs for their date. No, not a date. Just two guys sharing a ride to a club together. He needed to find a way to keep his thoughts right where he wanted them, not where they tended to stray.

Brian was waiting downstairs, prepared to get the directions he was looking for, when Justin walked in, causing Brian's eyes to almost pop out of his head. The man, who normally spent his days dressed in Gap jeans and looking more like a high school student than the 22 year old man that he was, appeared before him looking hotter than ever. He wore black leather pants that hugged his body in all the right places, tight enough to show off the more than ample package that was centered between his legs. The shirt he was wearing was silk Brian was sure. A button-down that was one size too small and framed his body, accentuating his toned chest and arms and leaving little to the imagination. There were only two buttons closed, leaving just the right amount of skin exposed to make men ache for more. Brian had to shake his head to pull himself out of the fog he was in.

"Are you ready to go?" Justin asked innocently, although his thoughts were anything but innocent. He wasn't sure why he dressed the way he had, since he hadn't had the nerve to wear the outfit that John had insisted he buy in the years since the purchase. In fact, when he came across the pants and shirt while looking through his closet, he laughed at the thought of wearing it. Yet that didn't seem to keep him from pulling the clothes from the hanger and trying them on. Once he saw his reflection staring back at him in the mirror, rational thought left him and all he could think of was Brian's reaction to his appearance. And it was exactly what he'd been hoping for. The lust in Brian's eyes was so obvious that it caused Justin to harden slightly in his tight leather pants. He had a brief moment of doubt as hazel eyes raked over his body with appreciation, but decided to ignore his doubts and hope that his wayward cock didn't burst through the seams. "I have the driver pulling the car up now."

"Uh…yeah…I'm ready," Brian stammered, forgetting all about his plan to go out alone and forcing his eyes to meet Justin's. "Wait, the driver?"

"Yeah, John always makes me take a driver when I go out. He doesn't want me driving after I've been drinking. Don't worry, though. Robert and I are used to this. He'll drop us off two blocks away so that no one sees us arrive. I just have to call him when we're ready and he'll pick us up in the same spot. I made the mistake of being dropped off at the door once before and I spent the whole night being hit on by every gold digger in the place. It was awful and I told John that I was never taking the car again. He eventually agreed to the drop off spot, once he realized that I'd never go out again if Robert had to drive me," Justin explained as he began leading Brian outside. Once they were in the car and heading towards town, Justin decided to let go of his mixed emotions and just enjoy the evening. "Once we get there I'm sure you'll want to go off on your own. We can just meet up at the bar, say around one, and then I'll call Robert back, okay?"

"Uh…yeah…okay," Brian stammered once again, wondering why he was suddenly having trouble with the English language. "Do you go there often?"

"Not anymore. John and I used to go regularly, but now that he's so sick I usually just stay home with him most nights."

Brian was surprised by that for some reason. He knew that Justin was very fond of John, but at 22 he expected the man's libido to lead him out fairly often. Knowing that he chose to sit at home with a sick man seemed to intrigue Brian. He wondered if he would be so selfless if he was in the same position. If he asked any one of his friends in Pittsburgh, he knew what their answer would be.

When they reached the drop off, Justin climbed out of the car and waited for Brian before thanking Robert and heading down the street. It was a nice night and Justin found himself enjoying the walk with Brian more than he should. He really needed to get to the club and find the night's entertainment before his body started disobeying his mind, and he touched Brian the way he'd been thinking about all day. As soon as they walked into the club, Justin reminded Brian of their time to meet and disappeared through the semi-crowded club, leaving Brian behind to watch him walk away.

Brian watched Justin leave before looking around the room. The Wave was almost exactly like Babylon was; wall to wall men bumping and grinding to the music, looking for the next trick. Normally Brian would've jumped right in and played along, but thoughts of Justin seemed to be filling his mind more than he was comfortable with. He knew the minute he met the blond that he was hot, but seeing him decked out in his club attire sent Brian into a tailspin that he had yet to recover from. He made his way to the bar and ordered a double Beam, downing it the moment it was put in front of him, and ordering another one. He needed to forget all about Justin and continue on with his plans for the evening. He needed to find a trick to relieve the pressure that had been building in him since he stepped foot off the plane in Denver. And just like in Babylon, Brian didn't find himself short on available men. He felt eyes following his every move since he had walked through the door. The only problem was that they weren't those deep blue eyes that had been haunting his thoughts. That only seemed to irritate him more as he downed his second drink. He eventually gave up and grabbed the nearest trick, whispering in his ear and allowing himself to be pulled into the back room.

The blow job was mediocre at best and barely touched the need that burned inside of him. He was soon back at the bar with another drink in his hand. He knew that he should be taking it easy on the Beam and vowed to slow down a bit. To pass the time, he turned around and leaned back on the bar, searching the dance floor for someone to occupy his time. His eyes immediately found Justin and he felt a catch in his throat as he watched in fascination. His blond head was thrown back and his eyes were shut. Justin appeared to be lost in the music, unaware of all the men he was turning on just by the swaying of his hips. Brian tried to turn away, he really did, but when Justin's eyes suddenly opened and found his, Brian knew he was lost. He gripped the glass in his hand, fighting the urge to walk out to where Justin was dancing, but the pull was just too strong. Strangely enough, it appeared that Justin was enticing him. His blue eyes were taunting him in the distance, begging him to come closer and satisfy the need that both of them were experiencing. It may have sounded crazy to anyone else, but Brian couldn't stop himself from pushing his way through the crowd. Just as they were about to come face to face, Justin turned around, leaving Brian to come up behind him. They were instantly together, molded together almost as if they were one, and Justin pushed back into Brian, taking great pleasure in the hardness that was pushing against his ass.

"What are we doing?" Brian asked in a deep, husky voice, his mouth only mere centimeters from Justin's ear.

"I'm not sure, but it feels so good," Justin admitted, groaning as Brian pulled him impossibly closer. "We shouldn't be doing this," he added.

"I know," Brian agreed. "Maybe you should call Robert."

"Let's go."

Justin pulled Brian towards the door as he fumbled with his cell phone. The call to Robert was quick and then the two of them were left alone as they walked the two blocks to the drop off. Neither one of them said anything. There was no need for words. Instead they stood side by side, fighting the urge to tear at each other right there on the street. As soon as the car pulled up, Justin jumped inside and waited until Brian climbed in and settled in the seat before quickly straddling the man and bringing their mouths together in a heated kiss. There was no hesitancy, no doubts as both men gave into their desires and assaulted each other equally. The ride home seemed to be over in seconds and as soon as Justin felt the car pull into the driveway, he dislodged himself from Brian and straightened his clothes before anxiously jumping from the car. He called out a thank you to Robert before rushing inside, confident that Brian was right behind him. He had a moment of doubt creep in once they were inside, but a glance at the lust in Brian's eyes and the swollen lips that were smirking at him, trampled those doubts and left Justin eager to get up to his room.

He silently took Brian by the hand and led him up the stairs. When they were finally in the bedroom with the door closed behind them, Justin turned to Brian and immediately began to relieve him of his clothes. Brian didn't object as he followed Justin's lead and started pulling at the button on the leather pants that had him hard at first sight. It only took a moment before they were both naked and rock hard with need. Soon all thoughts of right and wrong were gone as they came together in a meeting of blind passion. Justin never remembered being as turned on as Brian made him. The need to have the other man inside him was so strong that it was literally making him dizzy with desire.

"Brian…" he groaned as he felt Brian's hand wrap around his leaking cock. "I need you to fuck me."

Brian wasn't about to object. Instead he released Justin and pushed him gently towards the bed as he grabbed his jeans and fished the necessary items out of his pocket. He tore open the small package of lube and quickly prepared Justin before sheathing himself with a condom and climbing up Justin's body. The minute he aligned himself with Justin's entrance, he pushed inside, stopping suddenly when Justin called out in pain.

"Justin, are you okay?" he asked, fighting the urge to go any further. He didn't expect the blond to be so tight.

"I'm…okay…it's just been awhile," Justin stammered as he tried to control his breathing. The pain he felt when Brian entered him was more than he expected, but he was just as determined to continue as he had been moments before. "Just give me a minute."

"Are you sure?" Brian questioned, searching Justin's eyes in the darkened room for signs of doubt. He found none.

"I'm sure. Don't even think about stopping," Justin demanded with a small chuckle. He took a deep breath as he felt himself adjusting to Brian's size, which was even more than he had hoped for. Once he was sure that they could continue, he pushed back against Brian as he pulled the man's head down for a reassuring kiss.

Brian took Justin's movements as a sign to continue and pulled back slightly before thrusting inside, relishing in the feel of having Justin's warmth wrapped around him. He had never felt such a surge of passion for anyone before Justin, and under normal circumstances that thought would've made him run for the hills, but there was nothing that could cause him to pull out of the pleasure he was lost in. As much as Brian would've enjoyed making their union last, he knew that he wouldn't be able to hold back and was pretty sure that Justin felt the same way. Instead he picked up the pace, quickly bringing them both to the edge. Once he was sure that he couldn't hold out any longer, he reached down between their bodies and grabbed Justin's cock, tugging on it twice before being rewarded with the feel of Justin gripping him from within as his orgasm took over. Two more thrusts and Brian was right behind him, exploding into the condom as the world spun around him in sheer euphoria.

Justin was just getting his breathing back to normal when he felt Brian pull out of him and climb off the bed. He wanted to say something to him, but the shock of the intensity between them, coupled with the after-glow of his orgasm was making it hard for him to concentrate. It wasn't until he realized that Brian was putting his clothes back on that the reality of their situation took hold of him.

"Brian?" he asked in a whisper.

"I'm going to go check on Uncle John and then head to bed," was all Brian could say. He was too overcome with confusion to say anything else. He needed to put some distance between him and Justin so that he could try to understand what just happened between them. The one thing he always prided himself on was his ability to separate sex from feelings. Hell, most people who knew him didn't think he even had feelings. Which was why he was suddenly confused by all the thoughts and feeling that were running through his head. He had a strange sense that whatever happened between him and Justin was more than just simple sex, and he wasn't ready to begin to understand what that meant.

Justin tried not to let Brian's words and cool tone hurt him, but he couldn't help it. What they shared was more than just a casual fuck, or it appeared to be. But that wasn't possible, was it? Up until a few hours earlier, they barely tolerated each other. How had this happened? What happened next? Were they just going to pretend that nothing happened between them? Could he even pretend? So many questions were running through his head that the thought of Brian going back to his own room suddenly seemed like a good idea. "I'll…uh…see you in the morning. Goodnight, Brian."


Brian left Justin's room and made a quick stop by John's room, happy to see the older man sleeping peacefully, before making his way to his own bedroom. Once he was alone, he threw himself on the bed and sighed, one thought fighting for dominance over all the rest. What the hell had he done?

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