Be Careful What You Wish For

Chapter 20


*   *   *


Justin spent the night tossing and turning, telling himself it was because of being in a strange bed, when he knew that it really had more to do with his nervousness over the upcoming evening with Brian. He still wasn't sure how things got so screwed up between them. They were becoming friends, if nothing else, and now they couldn't seem to be civil with each other. It amazed Justin how everything went from good to horrible so quickly. By the time his plane landed in Denver, he was exhausted and irritable. He grabbed his bag out of the overhead and quickly made his way outside. He grabbed the first cab he saw and told the driver where to go before laying his head back and closing his eyes.

He must have dozed off because before he knew it, the cab was pulling up outside the mansion. He paid the driver, took his bag, and climbed out before noticing Brian's car in the driveway. He didn't expect to see the man before their predetermined time. As he walked in the house, he was engulfed by silence and briefly wondered where Brian was. Not that he cared. He was too tired to care about anything except finding his bed and going to sleep. He made his way upstairs and was out cold the second his head hit the pillow.

Brian paced the small patio out back, wondering what he was going to say to Justin to make things better between them. He had heard the cab pull up out front and decided to wait a bit longer before confronting the man. He had to tread lightly or their evening together would be over before it even began. He waited for more than an hour, assuming that Justin would seek him out, and when that didn't happen he went in search of the blond. He looked through the downstairs and when he couldn't find him, he went up to the bedroom. He tapped lightly on the door, and when he didn't get an answer, he turned the knob and opened the door silently. He was surprised to find Justin sleeping soundly on the large bed. He walked inside quietly, unable to take his eyes off the vision before him. He'd forgotten how stunning Justin was. How his soft features and blond hair managed to make his breath catch in his throat for just a moment every time he laid eyes on him. Shit, maybe he was spending too much time with Lindsay. He was starting to think like a lesbian.

Brian approached the bed and climbed in, his eyes never leaving Justin's face, which was right in front of him as he lay down. He had wanted to talk to Justin, work things out between them before the dinner party, but being that close to the younger man stirred something in him that he hadn't felt since the night he decided to put some space between them. He reached out tentatively and brushed away a few strands of hair that had fallen on Justin's forehead. The movement caused Justin's eyes to flutter open slowly.

"Brian?" Justin blinked a few times, trying to focus on the man before him.

"Shhh…don't say anything," Brian whispered before bringing his mouth down on Justin's in a soft kiss.

Justin's mind raced as he tried to find the strength to push Brian away. He knew that he should. After everything that happened between them in the last month, Brian had a lot of nerve thinking that he could just waltz into their bedroom and kiss him as if nothing had happened. He needed to push him away. He had to push him away, yet his body was screaming for the contact he missed so much in their time apart. Instead of following his mind, Justin parted his lips and deepened the kiss, letting his body do the thinking for him. He was a starving man and Brian was the nutrition he so desperately craved. Blocking out everything except for the feel of Brian's body, Justin lost himself in the passion that was building between them.

Brian hadn't meant for things to happen between them so quickly. He wanted them to, but he assumed that Justin would inevitably push him away, refusing to give in to their desire for each other. When Justin deepened their kiss, Brian sighed in relief as his hands sought out the soft skin that he knew was hidden under Justin's clothes. It only took a few moments to discard their clothing and feel the heat of their bodies coming together. Once the last of the garments was carelessly tossed on the floor, Brian rolled over, placing Justin underneath him and devoured his mouth with everything he had. He let his hand slip down between them and groaned when he came in contact with Justin's leaking hard on. He expertly wrapped his fingers around the steel cock as he pulled his mouth away from Justin's greedy one and kissed down his jaw and into his neck, eliciting tiny little gasps from the blond. It wasn't enough. After depriving himself of the pleasure of Justin's taste, Brian needed more. He continued his path, down the firm chest, stopping to give attention to the protruding nipples before using his tongue to trace the trail of blond hair, finally arriving at the prize waiting for him. He thought he heard Justin whimper his name as he took his cock into his mouth.

Justin was dizzy. His mind was covered in a fog as Brian's mouth moved down his body and engulfed his cock. It had only been four weeks since they were together, but it seemed like an eternity since he had felt such hunger and need for anyone. Justin reached down and wrapped his fingers in Brian's hair, holding on in case it turned out that he was lost in another dream. If he was, he didn't want to ever wake up. When the tip of his cock hit the back of Brian's throat it was all over. His back arched off the bed and he let out a cry of sheer pleasure as his orgasm ripped through him violently. "Brian," he whispered.

"I need to be inside of you," Brian murmured huskily. "I need to feel you wrapped around me. Tell me you want the same thing."

"Yes," Justin replied breathlessly as his cock immediately began hardening again.

Brian didn't waste any time reaching into the nightstand for the condoms and lube they kept there. He refused to think about what was happening between them. He refused to think about anything except his hunger to sink inside Justin and never leave. He sheathed his cock and quickly prepared Justin before plunging inside the warm entrance. The minute he was buried as deep as possible, he pulled back and looked down into Justin's bright blue eyes. "I'm sorry," he whispered, the words so uncharacteristic that they sounded foreign to his own ears. How had this man, this bright beautiful man, caused him to throw away his own rules at ever turn?

"Me too," Justin replied tearfully, overcome by the sound of sincerity heard in Brian's voice. No matter what happened between them over the course of the next ten months, he knew deep down inside that Brian did care for him, whether he wanted to admit it or not. "Fuck me, Brian. Make me forget everything but this moment."

Brian did just that, increasing his thrusts and angling himself just right so that every time he lunged forward, Justin felt it in the core of his being. And as they rose further and further to orgasm, he refused to acknowledge the invisible boundaries that he was crossing. Like Justin, he wanted to forget everything but that moment.

Justin laid there, the weight of Brian on top of him making it hard to breathe, but he didn't care. He wasn't ready to be thrust back into reality just yet. Reality was the place where doubts and jealousy, and everything evil lurked. He'd been in reality for weeks now and he wanted to enjoy his fantasy for a little bit longer; the fantasy where Brian realized that Justin was the one for him and professed his undying love for him. Unfortunately the fantasy ended all too quickly when Brian rolled off him and got up to dispose of the condom. Justin fought for something to say. Something to make the moment a little less awkward, but he came up empty. Instead he held his breath and waited for Brian to come out of the bathroom and explain that their fucking had been a mistake. That he hadn't meant to take him places no one else had ever taken him. That he was just following through with their plan, which included sex on a regular basis.


"Huh?" Justin mumbled.

"I was calling for you. Where were you?" Brian asked, looking somewhat confused.

"Oh sorry, I guess I wasn't paying attention," Justin said nervously. He had been so worried about what Brian was going to do that he never heard the man re-enter the room. "What were you saying?"

"I asked if you were hungry. It's one o'clock and the party isn't until eight. I thought we could go grab something to eat at that little bistro on the outskirts of town that you like. Are you all right? Maybe you should just stay in bed for the rest of the afternoon," Brian suggested as he looked more closely at Justin. "You look a little flushed."

Justin couldn't help but laugh at Brian's concern. "Brian, I'm fine. If I'm looking a little flushed, it probably has to do with being fucked into the mattress a few minutes ago," he replied with a smile. "I'm starving and the bistro sounds good."

Brian watched him for a moment longer, searching for signs of illness before holding out his hand for Justin. "Come on, we can save some time if we shower together."

"Somehow I doubt that," Justin chuckled as he allowed himself to be pulled from the bed. Their shower took almost an hour.

Their afternoon together was great. It would've been perfect in Justin's eyes had it not been for the pink elephant that followed them around all day. Neither one of them mentioned their month apart. It was almost as if it never happened. Justin wasn't stupid enough to think that everything was suddenly good between them again, but he decided to take the day that was being offered to him and enjoy it. The bad stuff could wait until later.

A little after eight-thirty Brian and Justin entered Lyle's home, fashionably late. Lyle saw them arrive and immediately walked over to greet them. "So glad you could come," Lyle said.

"Justin flew in from New York especially for the occasion," Brian explained.

"Oh my, I didn't realize that you were away," Lyle said apologetically. "I'm so pleased that you manage to get back for my little soiree."

"I'm glad I could," Justin replied. "I needed to come home for a bit anyway." He looked meaningfully at Brian. He wasn't sure why Brian had told Lyle about his trip to New York, but it made him feel kind of special that Brian had pointed that out and not let Lyle take it for granted that Justin would be around.

"I think someone you know is here," Lyle said to Brian.

"Oh, who?" Brian asked with a frown. He hoped it wasn't a former trick, but how would Lyle know that? He looked over Lyle's shoulder and saw Leo Brown heading in their direction. "Leo?" Brian said extending his hand. "I wasn't aware that you knew Lyle."

"I've known Lyle for years. Been on the receiving end of his legal advice and unfortunately on the opposing end once or twice," Leo said with a smile.

Justin had stepped back letting Brian make the big display with his newest client. He felt Brian reach for his hand and pull him forward. "Leo, this is my partner, Justin Taylor," Brian said proudly. He didn't even hesitate over the word partner.

Justin felt his heart swell with emotion. This was the way it was supposed to be, this was the partnership he had been hoping for. "Hello, Mr. Brown," he said as he shook the man's hand.

"It's good to meet you, Justin," Leo said. "You have a very clever partner here, Justin. He just stole me away from Vangard."

"I know Brian's very clever," Justin replied, hoping the bitterness did not come across in his voice.

"I hardly stole you," Brian chimed in. "You came running to me, if I recall correctly."

"Touché, Brian. If you need a recommendation for anyone among the movers and shakers here tonight, just let me know."

"Thanks, Leo, but I don't think that will be necessary … unless you want me to put you on the payroll," Brian smirked.

"I don't think you could afford me … yet, but before long…"

Justin knew that was a huge compliment coming from Leo Brown. The man obviously thought Brian's business was going to be a major success. Justin couldn't help but beam with pride.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," Brian was saying. "I might take you up on that recommendation thing, if someone is hesitant."

"Feel free. Enjoy the party, you two," Leo said as he moved away.

"You introduced me as your partner," Justin said.

"Well, you are, aren't you?"

"Your pretend partner." Justin watched Brian wince. He wasn't sure why he was being a bitch about this, but he was growing to hate the whole pretend aspect of this. "You didn't even flinch when you said it," Justin added to see what Brian would say.

"Didn't I? I must be getting used to the whole concept."

Justin stared at Brian. What did that mean? That Brian was growing to like the concept of having a partner, or that Brian was finding it easier to keep up the pretense. Probably the second one.

"Let's get a drink," Brian said putting his hand in the small of Justin's back and directing him towards the bar.

Justin walked through the house, Brian's hand protectively guiding him. People turned to look at his handsome escort. Justin felt a little bit like the belle of the ball. "I can't believe everyone's looking at us," Justin giggled.

"They've never seen two such handsome men … together," Brian chuckled.

Justin grinned. They did look good together, and together they could take the party, or the world, by storm. Why didn't Brian feel like that all the time?

They got their drinks and strolled through the house for a few minutes before Lyle called them all into the dining room for dinner. There were place cards at each setting around the long table. Brian and Justin were not seated together. Justin frowned wondering who would be on each side of him. A middle aged woman came up next to him.

"I guess I'm here," she said softly. She pulled out her chair.

"Let me," Justin said as he helped her get seated, pushing in her chair.

"Thank you," she said. "I'm Greta Goldman. That's my husband over there," she added pointing to a gray haired man across the table and down a few seats. "Where's your wife?"

"I don't have one. My partner is the tall, dark haired man over there," Justin said indicating Brian. He hated this farce. He wished Brian really was his partner.

"Oh, I see. He's very handsome."

"I think so too."

"What do you do?" she asked.

"I'm an artist, Justin Taylor."

"Oh yes, I've seen your work in some gallery. Not exactly my cup of tea, but I understand you're very good."

"Thanks, I like to think so."

"And what does your partner do?"

"He's just starting his own advertising agency here in Denver."

"My husband might like to know that," she said thoughtfully. "He owns a company that makes coat hangers."

"Really?" Justin said trying not to giggle. The thought of Brian trying to sell coat hangers for Greta's husband was very funny. "I could get you one of Brian's cards after dinner."

"Please, do that."

The salad course was served and everyone ate and chatted idly. Justin hadn't paid much attention to who was sitting on the other side of him, having found that Greta was quite a talker. He already knew more about her husband and coat hangers than he ever cared to know. All of a sudden he felt pressure against his thigh. He turned to look at a handsome man in his early forties who had managed to rub his leg against Justin's thigh.

"I'm Mark Townsend," the man said, extending his hand for Justin to shake.

Justin got an immediate gay vibe as he took the hand and shook it, but then he found that Mark did not release it. The man held on, looking into Justin's eyes. Justin knew he was being hit on and tried to pull his hand away. "May I have my hand back?" Justin asked with a laugh.

"If you must. It felt so nice in mine."

Justin retrieved his hand and looked over at Brian. The man was glaring at him. No, that wasn't true. Brian was glaring at Mark. Could it be…? No, but maybe. Brian was jealous. Justin tried to get Brian's attention, but he continued to glare at Mark.

"What are you doing after this dinner?" Mark was asking.

"I'll be going home with my partner."

"Too bad. Couldn't you ditch him?" Mark was nothing if not direct.

"I don't think that would be wise," Justin said. "He's been skewering you with his eyes ever since you held my hand."

Mark looked around and finally landed on an angry looking Brian Kinney. "That's your partner?" Mark asked. "Isn't he the new infant terrible of the Denver advertising world?"

Justin chuckled. "I guess you could call him that. What do you do, by the way?"

"I own Denver's best restaurant."

"Really?" Justin asked. "You own Chez Moi?"

Mark smiled. "That would be the one."

"So why aren't you there tonight?"

"I have better things to do," Mark said suggestively as he leaned closer to Justin.

Justin ventured a glance in Brian's direction. Brian looked like he was about to leap out of his seat and come across the table at Mark. "Would you excuse me for a minute?" Justin said pushing back his chair. "I'd like to use the restroom."

He made his way to the door where one of the wait staff directed him down the hall to a powder room. He stepped inside and let out a sigh of relief. He wasn't exactly sure what was going on with Brian, but the last thing either of them needed was a scene. He turned the tap on and splashed a little water on his face. Then someone tapped at the door.

"Just a minute," he said.


"Brian, is that you?"

"Let me in."

Justin opened the door and Brian quickly stepped inside capturing Justin's lips in a long, hot kiss. "What are you doing? You shouldn't have followed me."

"I watched that guy put his hands on you," Brian breathed against Justin's ear. "I wanted to tear him apart."

"He didn't do anything, Brian. He was hitting on me, but I wasn't having any of it."

"It looked like you were enjoying it," Brian said, pushing Justin back a bit so he could look into his eyes.

"It's fun to be wanted, to be pursued," Justin giggled.

"So, now I'm pursuing you," Brian declared as he sucked on Justin's bottom lip and started to unzip his trousers.

"Brian, stop, what are you doing?"

"Claiming what's mine," Brian said huskily. He turned Justin around, yanked down his trousers and underwear and pushed Justin against the sink.

"We can't do this here, now. Everyone will know."


"But they're potential clients," Justin gasped as Brian bit at his neck.

"I don't care," Brian stated. He ripped open a condom and rolled it onto his hard dick. Justin heard the pop of the lube container and the next thing he knew he was rising up on his toes as Brian entered him. The ride was hot and fast and breathtaking. When they came within seconds of each other, Justin knew that he was glad Brian had followed him. It proved something to both of them, if only Brian would see it.

Brian drew in a long, satisfied breath and took a nip out of Justin's neck.

"Ow," Justin said. "That will leave a mark."

"Then maybe that guy will get the message." He started cleaning up the sink and adjusting his clothes.

Justin giggled. "His name is Mark." He zipped up and started to wash his hands.

"You think that's funny?" Brian asked as he swung Justin around and engulfed him in another mind altering kiss. "Tell him to fuck off."

"I will," Justin said shakily. Brian's kiss had made him hard again and he was having difficulty focusing on what he was doing. "We … um … shouldn't we go back?"

"I suppose we should, but you remember who you're here with."

"Okay," Justin replied. He hoped he could walk back into the dining room without turning crimson. They were all going to know.

"You go first," Brian said opening the door for his lover.

"Oh, do you have some business cards handy?"

"Yeah, why? Not for that asshole sitting next to you?" Brian said with a frown.

"No, the lady sitting on the other side said her husband might be interested in a new ad company. He makes coat hangers." Justin heard Brian groan and giggled.

"Here you go," Brian said removing four or five of his business cards from the little case he carried. "Couldn't you find someone who made something other than coat hangers?"

Justin shrugged. That's who they sat me with. Besides, you can make anything sexy, including coat hangers," Justin said confidently as he gave Brian a peck on the cheek. "I can't believe we did this."

Brian smirked and whispered, "Later."

Justin took a deep breath and walked somewhat unsteadily back to the dining room. He slid into the room keeping his eyes on the floor, and hoping that no one was paying attention to him. He quickly found his seat.

"You're not feeling ill, are you, Justin?" Greta asked. "You look a little flushed."

Justin felt his cheeks get a little redder at her words. Shit! Even Greta suspected something. "I … I'm fine. What did I miss?" He turned in his chair to give Greta his undivided attention. He didn't even want to look at Mark.

A minute or so later, Brian walked back into the room. His head was high and he looked into people's eyes, daring them to question where he had been. Justin had to admire Brian's bravado.

Someone placed the main course in front of Justin and he started eating hungrily.

"Do you and your boyfriend always go to the restroom together?" Mark asked from beside Justin. Justin ignored the question. "Everyone suspects what you were doing, you know."

Justin continued to eat the prime rib. "This is delicious," he said to Greta, pretending that he hadn't even heard Mark's comment.

Somehow Justin and everyone else got through dinner, dessert included. They had port at the end of the meal and finally people started to say their goodbyes and leave the party. Justin had met Greta's husband and had given him one of Brian's cards. He had pointed Brian out to the man, but wasn't sure whether he had actually met Brian or not.

Brian sidled up to Justin with a satisfied smirk on his face. "Time to find our host and make our goodbyes."

"What are you looking so smug about?" Justin asked.

"I've given out all my business cards and have a couple of tentative appointments. It was a very successful evening."

"Good for you," Justin said tartly.

"And I got to fuck the hottest guy here."

Justin giggled, but was pleased by Brian's words. "I'm the only one under fifty."

"Except for that guy that was sitting beside you."

"He owns Chez Moi. It's the best restaurant in Denver."

"Too bad. I guess we'll never have the pleasure of trying it out," Brian said as he steered Justin over to Lyle. "Thanks for everything, Lyle."

"I hope you made some contacts tonight, my boy. I know John would want you to have every success," Lyle replied.

"I'd say it was a very lucrative evening," Brian smirked.

"Did you enjoy yourself, Justin?" Lyle asked.

"Yes, thank you very much. It was a lovely evening."

"I'm so glad you could make it. A dinner party's not the same without John being here, but it was nice to have you and Brian in his place. Good night."

Brian and Justin made their way outside where the valets were bringing up cars. It didn't take long for theirs to appear. They climbed in and headed down the driveway.

"Brian, were you jealous of Mark?" Justin asked, wanting confirmation of his suspicions.

"Me? Jealous? I don't think so. But that guy needs to keep his hands to himself," Brian stated.

"What about your hands?" Justin asked in a husky voice, knowing that Brian might not have admitted his jealousy, but what he had said was the next best thing.

"They're going to be all over you as soon as we get home."

Justin couldn't help the satisfied smile that graced his face all the way back to the mansion.

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