Be Careful What You Wish For

Chapter 18


*   *   *


The next time Justin woke up he was more aware of his surroundings and the pounding in his head was only mildly excruciating. He figured he was making some progress. He opened his eyes slightly and was shocked to see it was after five. He'd been sleeping most of the day. Sighing at his stupidity for drinking so much, he crawled out of bed and slowly made his way to the bathroom. His stomach churned again, but this time he was able to breathe through the nausea without ending up hugging the toilet. He took a piss and brushed his teeth before making his way back into the bedroom, all without allowing himself a glance in the mirror. He knew it wouldn't be a pretty sight. He got dressed and then went downstairs, searching for something to settle his stomach. He was surprised to find Arthur in the kitchen stirring a pot on the stove.

"What're you doing here?"

"Oh good, you're up," Arthur replied with a smile. "How're you feeling?"

"Like I've entered the twilight zone," Justin answered. "Arthur, why are you in the kitchen cooking?"

Arthur laughed at the confusion on Justin's face. "I saw Brian this morning and he told me you were sick. Since the house staff is only working three days a week right now, he was worried about leaving you alone here while he went into town. I told him I'd stick around until he got home and offered to make my grandmother's famous chicken soup. It's guaranteed to make you feel better. It should be ready in about a half hour. Are you hungry?"

Justin stood there speechless. Brian was worried about him? Worried enough to have Arthur stay and keep an eye on him? He wasn't really sick. Just suffering the aftereffects of his stupidity which was exactly what he deserved, yet Brian cared enough to want to have someone watch over him. What did that mean?

"Justin, are you all right?" Arthur asked when Justin didn't reply. "You don't look so good. Maybe you should have a seat. Once the soup is done, you can have a small bowl and then go back to bed."

"Uh…yeah. I guess I am a little hungry."

Justin sat at the table and thought about Brian. His mind replayed the weeks since they met and he realized how many little things Brian did to show he cared. Maybe he was looking at the situation from the wrong angle. Brian was a man who prided himself on not doing love and relationships, yet he was always there when Justin needed him, looking out for him any way he could. Spending a year together could only enhance the caring part of Brian; possibly bring him to the realization that relationships weren't as horrible as he thought. He smiled to himself as his determination to get Brian to fall for him returned with a vengeance.

Justin ate the soup, surprised at how good it tasted, and thanked Arthur for sticking around. After assuring the older man that he was feeling much better and forcing him to go home, Justin went back upstairs and took another shower. He was almost starting to feel human again. Unfortunately he was still exhausted and managed to fall asleep before Brian got home.

Brian had a productive day. He found a small complex that had office space that would be perfect for his needs. He had thought about working out of the mansion, but decided that having his own space would be much more beneficial. Once he signed the lease, he went to Lyle's office and discussed what would be needed to start things up. Brian had more than enough of his own money to furnish the office, but he didn't want to dip into his own private funds if he didn't have to. Lyle agreed to arrange a deposit into Brian's account the following day and then they discussed the actual business plans. There was a lot of red tape that Brian hadn't considered when starting up a business, but Lyle agreed to handle the paperwork for him as well. By the time Brian left the office, he felt confident that he was on his way.

He called the house around four and learned that Justin was still sleeping. Arthur assured him that he'd been checking regularly on Justin and that he was just sleeping off his illness. There was no reason to worry. Somehow that didn't stop Brian, which irritated him to no end. Why should he care how Justin felt? It was the little shit's own fault. Despite whatever it was that set him off the night before, he was a grown man and old enough to know better than to drink over his limit. After talking to Arthur, Brian called Cynthia and told her about the office. She offered to put in for a vacation and fly out to help him set things up. Once again Brian wondered what he would do without her. His next call was to Lindsay. That call didn't go nearly as well as he had hoped.

"What do you mean you're staying in Denver?" she cried.

"It's only for a year or so," Brian replied calmly. "I'm branching out on my own, but thanks to a non-competition clause in my contract at Vangard, I can't open up within a 100 miles of Vance. It just seems logical to stay here for now."

"Damn, his ass must be good if you're moving across the country to be with him," Lindsay retorted.

"Fuck you, Lindsay. That's not what this is about and you know it," Brian barked.

"Do I? You call me during your trip to Denver and tell me about this guy you're fucking and refuse to admit that there's anything going on with you; then you bring him home to meet the parents, and now you're moving away from everyone, including your son, on a whim. I don't know what's going on with you anymore. Next thing I know you'll be walking down the aisle and wearing matching rings."

"I told you, this is business. Our lawyer thinks that it would be better if I just opened up here for now instead of risking a lawsuit by breaking my contract with Vance. It's not going to be forever. It's no big deal," Brian insisted.

"Our lawyer? Shit Brian, do you already have the rings?"

"What has gotten into you? I thought you liked Justin," Brian spat angrily.

"I do like Justin. I just don't want to see this whole thing blow up in your face. Justin cares about you. That much was evident in the way he tries to protect you. What's gonna happen when he realizes that you can't give him what he wants?"

"And how do you know I can't give him what he wants?" Brian asked heatedly. He knew it was stupid to even voice the question. He himself knew the answer, but having Lindsay accuse him of being incapable of satisfying Justin hurt. Why did his friends all think that they knew him so well? They only ever knew what he wanted them to know. "This is bullshit. You were the one who encouraged me to get closer to Justin, remember?"

"That was before I knew you were going to just pick up and move away from your family. I didn't realize that Justin was going to have such a hold on your balls," Lindsay spat.

"Fuck you! Justin doesn't have a hold on my balls. This isn't even about him. It's about me and what I want. How fucking stupid of me to think that you would understand. You know what, Linds? With friends like you and Michael, is it any wonder why I'd want to stay in Colorado?"

Brian hung up before giving Lindsay a chance to reply. She had nothing to say that he wanted to hear. He took a few deep breaths, reining in his anger, before heading to the Foxhole. It seemed like a nice enough place on his trip the night before and if anyone needed a drink at that moment, it was him. He wasn't surprised to see Tony behind the bar. He grabbed a barstool, sat down, and ordered a double scotch.

"Hey, how's Justin feeling today?" Tony asked as he placed Brian's drink in front of him.

"I haven't seen him since earlier today, but he wasn't doing so well. I'm betting he's rethinking his drinking habits," Brian replied before downing his drink.

"I see you're not having those kinds of thoughts," Tony said.

"I know how to handle my liquor. Give me another."

Brian did know how to handle his liquor, which was why he proceeded to down drink after drink until the sound of Lindsay's voice was just a distant memory. Of course there were a few guys lurking around, hitting on him, and trying to get him to go home with them. And of course he was tempted, but he had promised Justin that he wouldn't trick and except for that one night in Babylon when he almost gave in, he hadn't even come close to breaking that promise. A year wasn't that long to wait, and it wasn't like he didn't have a hot blond with a tight ass waiting at home for him.

That thought caused him to throw a few bills up on the bar to cover his drinks and head out. If he couldn't get his rocks off at the bar, he was going to go back to the house and take advantage of the tight ass waiting for him. At least that was the plan until he walked into their bedroom and found Justin sleeping peacefully. After knowing how sick the blond had been earlier, Brian didn't have the heart to wake him. Instead he took a shower and climbed in bed, smiling to himself when Justin's sleeping form sought him out in the dark. He fell asleep with a blond head on his chest.

*   *   *

Brian awoke with something warm and wet wrapped around his dick. He looked down to see a large lump under the sheet. Gently he pulled it back and a pair of laughing blue eyes greeted him.

"Morning, Sunshine, I see you're feeling better," Brian smirked.

Justin released his mouthful of cock and said, "I feel much better. I vaguely remember saying that I owed you one, so I thought I'd give it to you." Justin's mouth surrounded Brian's hard cock and sucked hard.

Brian rose up off the bed arching his back at the wonderful sensation. This was what he had come home for last night. "Oh, sweet mother of Medusa!" Brian groaned as Justin's sucking became short, powerful tugs on his dick. He knew he was going to explode, and as Justin deep throated him, he did.

Justin swallowed it all and then slid up Brian's body to lie next to him on the pillow. "Good?" he asked with a Cheshire cat grin.

"Extremely," Brian said still somewhat breathless. Justin Taylor gave just about the best blowjobs he'd ever had.

Justin grinned. "I didn't know Medusa had a mother, let alone a sweet one."


"You yelled out something about Medusa's mother," Justin chuckled.

"I can't be held responsible for what I say when I'm coming. I become totally incoherent," Brian grinned.

"Just the way I like you."

Brian raised an eyebrow, but couldn't help but laugh at Justin's brazen assertion. "So you have a thing for lunatics and incoherent babblers," Brian mused.

"I'm here with you, aren't I?"

"Then I guess I'll take advantage of that," Brian said rolling atop Justin. He proceeded to kiss Justin into his own state of incoherency and then he fucked the blond to within an inch of lunacy.

Some time later they lay side by side in the bed.

"I'm glad you recovered from your hangover," Brian said.

"That makes two of us. That's the worst I've felt in … forever."

Brian chuckled. "You looked pretty bad."

"Thanks for taking care of me."

"That's what pretend partners are for."

Justin winced. Why did Brian always do that? Just when things seemed to be going so well between them, Brian would remind him that it was all a sham. Justin turned his head away as he fought back the tears that Brian could so easily cause.

"I guess I should get up. I was going to go furniture shopping for the new office," Brian said throwing back the sheet.

"Sounds like fun," Justin said bitterly.

Brian noticed the tone of voice and wondered what he had done now. "Why don't you come with me?" he said suddenly.

Justin glanced at his pretend partner to see if he was making another joke. When he saw nothing but sincerity on Brian's face, he allowed himself to smile just a little bit. "You think I could help?"

"You have an artist's eye. Your help should be invaluable."

"Are you making fun of me?" Justin asked staring into Brian's eyes.

"No, I mean it."

"Have you thought about what kind of look you want for your new company?"

"I'm not sure what you mean," Brian said with a frown as he dropped back against his pillow.

"Well, do you want it to look like where you work now?"

"Hell no!"

"Do you want it to be all mahogany and old masters?"

"Fuck! Does that sound like me?"

"No," Justin giggled. "Sleek and modern?"

"That sounds better, but … with a touch of warmth and class."

"Hm, that's a tall order."

"Just like me," Brian laughed.

"Just like you," Justin agreed. "You know, I've been thinking about your new company."

"You have?"


"What were you thinking?"

"About a name for it."

"A name?"

"You haven't thought of one, have you?"

"How about the Brian Kinney Advertising Agency?"

"For an ad man that is pretty pathetic," Justin laughed.

"Yeah, it is, but truthfully, I hadn't given that part of it much thought."

"Well, Vangard is very clever. Half of Gardner and half of Vance, and vanguard means the forefront. It's a great name," Justin said.

"Why are you telling me this?" Brian asked with one of his glares. The last thing he wanted to hear was how clever Gardner Vance was.

Justin ignored the question. Instead he asked one of his own. "What do you think of when I say kinetic?"

"Energy. Like kinetic energy."

"Right, so what if we spelled it K-i-n-n-e-t-i-k? It's partly your name and it would make prospective clients think of force and energy and taking charge."

"Hm," Brian said thoughtfully. "I like the 'k' at the end."

"Just the 'k'?" Justin asked, giving Brian a shot to the ribs with his elbow.

"The name's not bad … not bad at all."

"Thanks," Justin grinned. He had learned that those words meant Brian thought it was a damn good idea."

"So, now that we have a name, how about that shopping trip?"

"Okay," Justin laughed as Brian pulled him out of the bed. "I think I'm over the lingering effects of my hangover."

"And here I am letting my semi-hung over, pretend partner name my company. I must be a babbling incoherent."

Justin leaned back stopping Brian from pulling him into the bathroom. He didn't appreciate Brian saying that. "You don't have to use that name if you don't want to," Justin said angrily.

"Hey, I want to. I like it," Brian assured him, and he meant it.

Justin smiled at Brian's admission as he let Brian drag him willingly into the shower. He knew what awaited him there, and he wouldn't resist any further.

*   *   *

Hours later Brian and Justin sat in Brian's empty office where the new Kinnetik would take shape in a few days. They sat on a couple of crates that had been left by the last occupants of the space.

"So, how do you think the furniture will look in here?" Brian asked.

"Tell me again why we didn't come here before we went shopping for the furniture," Justin said gazing around.

"You don't think it will work?"

"Surprisingly, I think it will be perfect," Justin said with a laugh.

"Then my plan worked perfectly."

"What plan?"

"I liked what we talked about this morning, and I thought if you saw this old building you would go in a different direction," Brian explained.

"The building has character, unlike so many office spaces. I think you should paint the walls a warm gray and leave the wood stained dark like it is. You need to do something about that front door though."

"I know. I was thinking about a total glass door, maybe with some etching on it."

"Ooh, I like that," Justin exclaimed. "Maybe you should have Kinnetik etched on the glass, but in a lot of different ways, or in rows or something. It would be stunning."

"Do you think you could draw up a template that we could use?"

Justin heard the "we" and smiled. "I'm sure I could," he said softly.

"You've been a big help, Justin. I couldn't have done this so easily without you."

"Thanks, but you're not finished yet. You need a painter and a glass etcher, all before your furniture arrives in three days."

"Got any ideas?"

Justin liked that Brian was depending on him to help. "John had the mansion painted a couple of years ago. I'm sure Arthur would have their number. They were fast and clean and efficient."

"Just what I need," Brian said standing up. He took Justin's hand and pulled him to his feet. "And right now I need something else," he added, capturing Justin's lips in a long, erotic kiss. When he finally released Justin from the kiss, he whispered into his ear, "Want to christen the new digs?"

Justin giggled, a sound that Brian had grown to like very much. "Sure, but we don't have anything…" Justin trailed off as he looked around the empty office.

"We can pretend that it's Babylon," Brian said flicking off the lights.

"'Kay," Justin gasped as Brian yanked his pants down and pushed him against the nearest wall. He heard the familiar rip of the condom packet and then a squirt of lube.

"Ready?" Brian asked.

"Yeah," Justin gasped as Brian bit at his neck. He was always ready for Brian Kinney. Even when the big lug pissed him off he could never seem to refuse Brian. There was always some part of him that knew Brian wanted him, cared for him, maybe even loved him. If only he could make Brian face that fact.

Brian shoved in, waiting for Justin to adjust. He had never done repeats, always thinking that he would be disappointed with the second time around. But that was before Justin Taylor. He never seemed to be able to get enough of his pretend partner. Brian was pretty sure that Justin was developing feelings for him, feelings that he would never be able to reciprocate. He wished they could just have sex and that would be the end of it. He didn't like the complicated thoughts and … feelings that Justin evoked in him. It was all too much. That's why he said things, cruel things, that he knew hurt Justin. But he wanted to keep Justin at arm's length, so he didn't hurt him too badly when this all ended.

But sometimes he wanted to be close to Justin too. Like now, buried to the hilt in that glorious ass. How many times had he fucked Justin already? They must be nearing a hundred, and he never got tired of it. It was always fresh and exciting and … wonderful. Brian continued to thrust until he felt his balls draw up and heard Justin's soft cries for him to go harder and deeper. He smiled to himself. Justin was the best lover he had ever had. He shot his load up Justin's ass leaning heavily on the young blond as he found it difficult to stay vertical.

"That was a good one," Justin said breathlessly.

"They're all good … with you," Brian said, before he realized how that would sound.

Justin adjusted his clothes and looked back over his shoulder to where Brian was zipping up. Justin smiled one of his sunniest. "That was sweet," he couldn't help but say.

Brian tensed up, realizing that he had just fed into Justin's feelings for him. Brian wondered what was the matter with him. Why did he say things like that? He had never acted like this before. He never wanted to act like this. It was all way too lesbianic. He wished he could figure out what it was that Justin did to him. It was very disconcerting.

"Let's go home," Justin said as he slipped his hand into Brian's.

"Yeah," Brian agreed as they walked out of the old building hand in hand.

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