Be Careful What You Wish For

Chapter 10


*   *   *


"A partner?" Justin asked. "I thought you were going back to Pittsburgh." Justin wondered what had caused this change in attitude. "Have you decided that you're going to take John's advice?"

"I'd hardly call it advice," Brian retorted sitting down at the table. "More like coercion."

Justin winced at the term. He didn't like to think that he was coercing Brian, more like helping him find his way. He knew what John wanted for him and Brian, and the more he thought about it, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing. He smiled brightly. "I have a few friends that might be interested in finding a partner," Justin said sweetly. The wheels were turning rapidly in his head.


"Yeah, we're all getting to an age where settling down might not be such a bad idea."

Brian made a face. "I don't want to settle down. I don't want to settle for anything. I want the best of everything, and I guess I need a partner to make that happen."

"Okaaay," Justin replied. He wasn't sure he liked hearing those words coming out of Brian's mouth but maybe he could alter that attitude once he showed Brian what was out there.

"So, when can I meet these friends of yours?" Brian asked.

"I'll make a couple of calls if you want to wait for me," Justin said standing up.

Brian sat at the dining room table wondering what the hell he was doing. Vance had pissed him off big time. He was sure that if he had the money John promised, he could get many of his big client's to jump ship at Vangard and come to his new company. Maybe all this dating and partnership crap would be worth it if that was the outcome.

Justin returned after a few minutes. He sat down and indicated that the soup should be served. Brian waited for him to explain what he had been doing. When Justin merely began eating his soup, Brian couldn't contain himself any longer.

"Well!" he demanded.

"Well what?" Justin asked looking innocent.

"Did you find someone?"

"Oh, that! You have a coffee date with D'Arcy at 8:30 and cocktails with Shawn at 10 pm."

"Dates? I didn't ask for dates," Brian protested.

"How are you going to get to know your potential partner, if you don't go out with them?" Justin asked batting his eyelashes at Brian. He was the picture of helpful friend, even though he was chuckling inside.

"Fuck!" Brian reacted shoving his soup bowl away.

The maid replaced their dishes with the main course and stepped away.

"You have to give them a chance, Brian," Justin told him seriously. "One of them may be just what you ordered."

Brian grimaced and hacked at his chicken in protest. He detested this kind of hetero nonsense. He wanted to meet them, fuck them and kick them out. But one of them he might be asking to stay permanently. This could not be a good thing. His face grew red with irritation. This night could be his worst nightmare. "What are you doing tonight?" Brian asked.

"Are you asking me out?" Justin chuckled. He just couldn't resist.

"No, I'm fucking looking for an escape route if I can't stand these guys. They are guys, aren't they?" He wasn't so sure when he had heard their names.

Justin laughed. "They're both men, and they're very sweet."

"Sweet? Jesus Christ, what have you got me into?"

Justin laughed again. "I'll tell you what. We can take the limo. I'll let you off at the coffee house to meet D'Arcy and then I'll call you in half an hour and come rescue you if you need me to."

"Call me in five minutes, and you have a deal."

"Make it fifteen," Justin chuckled. "At least give D'Arcy a chance."

Brian groaned. "Okay, fifteen, but you better not leave me hanging out to dry."

"Moi!" Justin laughed.

They finished up dinner and Brian went to change for his date. He fucking hated that word. A half hour later he and Justin met in the front foyer. Justin was wearing his club clothes and he looked fucking hot. Brian felt his dick twitch at the sight. Justin smiled sweetly and they went out to the limo.

"I'll drop you off and then drive around for a while before I call you," Justin said as they headed into downtown Denver.

"What is this D'Arcy like?" Brian asked starting to feel sick to his stomach.

"Um he has a great personality," Justin grinned.

"Isn't that what they always say about the fat girl who can't get a date?" Brian asked feeling his dinner about to come back up.

"Is it?" Justin asked all wide eyed innocence.

Brian scowled as the limo stopped in front a building with a steaming cup of coffee done in neon hanging over the door.

"How will I know this guy?"

"He'll be wearing a fedora," Justin said trying to keep a straight face.

"A fedora?"

"You know, the hat."

"I know what a fucking fedora is! But why is this guy wearing it?"

"It's part of his style."

Brian groaned. "This is going to be torture," he said opening the door of the limo. "You will call, won't you?"

Justin chuckled. "I'll call."

Brian stepped out knowing all of a sudden how Michael had felt when he needed to be rescued from breeder central when Tracy had been trying to get into his pants. This wasn't breeder central but it sure felt as bad. He pushed open the door of the coffee house and watched the limo pull away. He took a deep breath wondering what the fuck he was afraid of. He was Brian fucking Kinney and if worse came to worse; he could just get up and leave. The only problem was that he really wanted to skewer Vance to the wall and start his own agency. Maybe this could work.

He glanced around the coffee house looking for a fucking fedora. He spotted one over at a table across the room. The guy was not only wearing a fedora. He had on a velvet jacket of a deep plum color and a fucking bright red ascot around his neck. Who the fuck did he think he was, fucking Fred Astaire? Brian decided this could not possibly be his date and was about to turn and leave when he heard someone calling, "Brian".

He looked up and sure enough the guy in the fedora and velvet jacket was standing and waving furiously at him. He kept calling, "Brian, over here."

Brian wanted to bolt but he felt maybe he should give this a chance. He walked towards the man.

"I just knew you were Brian," the man gushed pulling him into a chair at his table. "Justin said you were the best looking man I would ever see."

"Justin said that, did he?" Brian smiled.

"Yes, and oh my, he was so right. Let me order you a coffee."

"Do they have anything stronger?" Brian asked.

"No, silly, this is a coffee house."

"An espresso," Brian said knowing that was the strongest thing he could get there.

D'Arcy minced off towards the bar and Brian eyed the door where he had come in. He wondered if he could escape before D'Arcy returned with the coffee. Maybe he should have ordered something more complicated and then he would have had more time to make his getaway.

In less than a minute D'Arcy returned with the espresso and sat down across from Brian staring longingly into Brian's eyes. "I hear you're looking for a partner. I'm so available," he cooed.

"That's nice, but we hardly know each other," Brian replied taking a jolt of caffeine from his cup.

"So, let's make up for that," D'Arcy said. "I'm twenty-nine, I like French provincial furniture and I can relocate anywhere."

Brian gulped down the rest of his coffee. "I'm thirty-four, I hate French provincial furniture and I'm out of here." Brian stood, threw down ten bucks on the table and stalked out of the coffee house leaving D'Arcy sitting at the table with his jaw hanging open.

Brian strode down the street flipping open his cell phone. He hit the numbers for Justin's cell. "Where the fuck are you?" Brian demanded as soon as Justin answered.

"A couple of blocks away."

"Get over here right now!"

"But you still have seven minutes left."

"I'm walking down the fucking street. Are you coming or do I call a cab?"

"Be right there," Justin giggled as he ended the call. Brian sounded pissed and he had barely lasted five minutes with D'Arcy. This was going so well.

As soon as the call ended his phone rang again. Justin expected it to be Brian complaining some more about the date. Instead it was a weepy D'Arcy wanting to know why Justin had set him up with such a rude asshole. Justin was apologizing profusely when the limo stopped beside Brian and he climbed in. He was about to ream Justin out for picking such a date for him when Justin pointed at the phone and mouthed, "D'Arcy."

Brian waited while Justin tried to placate his friend. Finally he hung up.

"What the hell did you do?" Justin asked. "D'Arcy was offended and has been weeping in my ear ever since your call. Didn't you like him?"

"Do I look like someone who would date a man wearing a plum velvet jacket and ascot and wearing a fucking fedora?"

"I thought you would see past all that," Justin said barely able to stop himself from laughing at Brian's indignation.

"You mean see past it to the French provincial furniture?" Brian demanded.

Justin snorted. He just couldn't help it. "D'Arcy's really a very sweet person," Justin managed to say with a straight face.

"Well, he's definitely not my type," Brian stated.

"Okay, well, there's still Shawn."

"I don't think so."

"But he'll be waiting for you at the bar," Justin said.


"I could call him and have him meet you in a few minutes," Justin said reasonably.

"Is he like D'Arcy?" Brian asked warily.

"He's nothing like D'Arcy."

"Okay, maybe."

"I'm sure you'll like him," Justin said. "Let me call him."

Justin made the call and arranged for Brian to meet him at a bar in about five minutes. He seemed more than willing, but then so had D'Arcy. Brian shuddered.

"We should be there in a few minutes," Justin said watching Brian's handsome features. The man seemed slightly angry and slightly afraid and slightly pissed off. This was going so well.

The limo stopped in front of a building. The bar was called "Gizmo". Brian wondered about that as he got out.

"Same deal?" Justin asked as Brian turned back to look at him.


"What do you mean, no?"

"You stay right here and if I don't like the look of this guy, I'll be right out."


"How will I know him?"

"He'll know you. I told him what you're wearing."

Brian glowered at Justin but closed the car door and entered the bar. He knew immediately that this was much different from when he had met D'Arcy. It was a leather bar and there were lots of ripped men in all kinds of leather outfits. Brian looked around knowing that at times he had enjoyed this kind of place, but how could Justin possibly think that he could find a partner here.

A beefy, older man at the bar was staring in Brian's direction. When Brian looked at him he pointed at himself and cocked his head for Brian to come over. Brian hesitated for a split second before he turned on his heel and left the bar. He yanked open the limo door and threw himself into the back seat.

"That was fast," Justin said.

"I don't need a leather daddy. What the fuck were you thinking?"

"You wanted someone different than D'Arcy," Justin said reasonably.

"I wanted someone who isn't wearing a fucking costume!" Brian replied his arms crossed in annoyance. He felt like Mikey in one of his petulant poses. Christ, this must be what dating was like all the time.

Justin's cell phone rang. "Hello yes, that was Brian He wasn't feeling well so he left Yeah, sorry about that." Justin cut the call. "Shawn wanted to know why you ran out."

"To get the fuck away from him."

"That's not very nice. You never gave either of them much of a chance."

"I could tell it wouldn't work.

"You spent, what, eight minutes of your valuable time, and rejected both of them?"

"So what?" Brian demanded. "Were you going to a club?" Brian asked.

"Yeah, I thought I would have lots of time while you were on your dates, but apparently not."

"Let's go," Brian said feeling like getting his dick sucked would relieve some of his frustration.

Justin raised an eyebrow but gave the driver the destination and settled back on the seat beside Brian. "So, you didn't like either of my friends?"

"No. Don't you know anyone more like you?" Brian asked.

Justin felt himself grow warm inside. Brian was looking for someone like him. Now all he had to do was convince Brian that he needed him, not someone like him. "Maybe," he said non-committally.

"Not that I want any more fucking dates."

"You've hardly had a date. They will get better."

Brian snorted. They pulled up down the street from the club where they had gone before. Brian hopped out and headed inside. It was early but he could get a drink and see if there was anyone interesting to take to the back room. Justin followed along behind him having given instructions to the driver. He met Brian at the bar. Brian had ordered a couple of vodkas and Justin drank his, needing some fortification.

"Want to dance?" Justin asked.

Brian shrugged. "I guess."

They moved out onto the dance floor which wasn't too crowded as it was still early. The Brian and Justin show began to form almost immediately. They ground against each other making their bodies react to the tactile stimulation. After one dance they were both panting and hard. Justin hung onto Brian's neck as they continued through the next song, rubbing and thrusting at each other. Many of the other patrons stopped to watch the two beautiful men rutting on the dance floor.

"Let's get out of here," Brian said breathlessly.

"Let me call for Robert," Justin whispered and pulled out his cell. He said a few words into it as Brian continued to slide up and down against his cock. He wasn't sure how much longer he could stand that. "Five minutes," Justin gasped as Brian rubbed against him even tighter. His hand squeezed Justin's ass and pushed Justin's groin against his own.

"I'm not sure I can wait that long," Brian replied. His lips found Justin's and the kiss went on and on. When Brian finally broke it, he said, "Come on," and pulled Justin out of the club.

The car pulled up and they made out all the way back to the mansion. Brian enjoyed peeling the tight leather pants off Justin and then he fucked him far into the night. It was much better than any fucking date.

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