A Silly Mommy Thing

(A Real Life Story using the challenge words: spaghetti, sidewalk, paper, tears)


When my daughter still lived at home, our work schedules often ran opposite. When I worked the night shift, she worked days. When I worked days, she worked nights. But every once in a while wed be home at the same time.

Several years ago when I was still a visiting nurse Id be out hitting the sidewalk and driving around to see my patients all day long. My daughter, the detective, serves, protects and detects at all hours of the day or night especially when on a difficult case.

It was one of those rare occasions when the planets aligned, when my daughter and I were about to occupy the same space at the same time (sort of.)

I came home after work, rather tired, my nursing bag hanging from one shoulder and a tote bag filled with paper, pens and notes hanging from the other. As I opened the side door I could see my darling daughter in the kitchen standing at the stove. I dumped my stuff on the floor and went inside to greet her. She said, Hi Mommy! in her daughter voice which is about an octave and a half higher than her cop voice. I could tell she was very tired as well.

We kissed each others cheek and talked nonsense for a few minutes as she slowly stirred a pot that contained her favorite childhood snack. I knew from the look on her face that her snack was about to become her dinner. I turned to go to my room; my only thought was to get out of my uniform and then tackle my own dinner.

As I walked away something made me look back at my daughter quietly heating up her Chef Boyardee Spaghetti with mini meatballs. And then it hit me, one of those silly mommy things. The one that brings smiles and tears. The one that swells my heart with a whole lot of pride but with a nagging touch of fear.

Because there was my first born, my little girl, heating up her can of spaghetti while holstered to her hip was her big black glock.


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