Going For The Green


“Sometimes you get a really good idea, JT,” Brian admitted as the guys finished their meat loaf specials at the diner. “Not always - but sometimes you do ….”

“Well it wasn’t my idea to visit with your mother this afternoon and help her relive her trip to Ireland, Brian,” Justin pointed out. “It was hers – and I think you actually wanted to go – and I think you enjoyed yourself too.”

“That’s not what I was talking about, Taylor,” Brian laughed. “And I’m sure you know it. It was your idea to send her on that trip to Ireland in the first place ….”

“Well we both knew she always wanted to see Ireland and visit her mother’s birthplace – among other things,” Justin reasoned. “She just never thought it would happen – so when I heard that Global Tours was having this group tour direct from Pittsburgh to Ireland – it was like – a no-brainer ….”

“A no-brainer all right,” Brian was still laughing. “I put the advertising for that damn trip together myself and the thought of sending our Joanie along never even crossed my mind – as conscious as I always am to the needs of others ….”

“But I bet you would have got the idea if I hadn’t got it like – a day earlier, Bri,” Justin told him, “since you are indeed always so conscious of the needs of others ….”

“OK, Baby,” Brian wanted to know. “Why all the soft soap? When you start to tell me how nice I am there’s usually more to the story ….”

“Your mother got some great pictures, Brian,” Justin ignored the provocation. “And her being new to digital photography too.”

“With the new camera you bought her for the trip, Sunshine,” Brian recalled. “And thanks to the time you spent showing her how to use it ….”

“You’d have thought of it, Kinney,” Justin grinned at him. “You would have. It’s just that I was a step ahead of you this time around.”

“I think maybe you’re a step ahead of me lots of times when I don’t even know it, Sweetheart,” Brian accused. “And I know you’re trying to get my mother to like you more than she likes me ….”

“Gee whiz, BK,” Justin had to laugh, “I think that mission was accomplished a long time ago. And I thought you knew….”

“Well maybe I knew and maybe I didn’t,” Brian replied. “You don’t need to know everything. Now are you gonna tell me what you’ve got up your sleeve? You’re not being so easy to get along with without some agenda of your own. Actually I have some suspicions about what it might be too. Global is doing another Ireland tour – they’ll be in Ireland over St. Patrick’s Day itself. I think you want us to go. If you had that in mind, maybe I’m a step ahead of you for once …..”

“But if we were in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day, Bri,” Justin told him, “we’d miss the big party we usually have at our favorite restaurant, Gino’s, and there would be like - thousands of disappointed friends and relatives ….”

“Yeah there would,” Brian sounded somewhat disappointed. “And you would never think of disappointing any friend or relative – except maybe for me - so I’m wrong – as usual ….”

“Actually you’re not as wrong as you usually are, Mr. Kinney,” Justin grinned at him. “Actually you’re dangerously close. I’ll have to be more careful, I guess. What I have in mind – subject to your approval of course – is a trip to Ireland all right – but it starts a couple of days after St. Patrick’s Day. And it’s just a trip for two – rental car – no group bus – just the two of us ….”

“Well even if I approved, I might not be able to clear my schedule on this short notice, Honey,” Brian warned him. “I’m surprised you didn’t think of that …..”

“And I’m surprised you’d think I didn’t think of that, Brian,” Justin grinned. “Cynthia has taken care of it already and she will give you your revised schedule as soon as she knows that you know about Ireland ….”

“So everything is already arranged,” Brian laughed, “every tiny detail – all subject to my approval of course – so if I don’t approve?”

“Brian Kinney,” Justin grabbed his hand. “You have always wanted to visit Ireland – almost as much as your mother. I’ve known that since the first time we ever talked about Ireland. There was no way we could go and not take your mother though – as much as she wanted to go - but now she’s been there ….”

“If I tell her that her trip was just a ploy to get me across state lines for whatever purposes, JT,” Brian presumed, “maybe she’ll like me more than she likes you. What’ll you give me if I don’t tattle?”

“Well I don’t think that would work at all, Mr. Blackmailer Brian,” Justin grinned. “I’m just generally more lovable than you are. Still – if your demands aren’t too high, maybe I would consider them just in case ….”

“Will you shut up, JT?” Brian squeezed his hand. “I wanna go home ….”

“I’ll miss my dessert,” Justin seemed to protest.

“No you won’t,” Brian assured him.


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