Silly Santa Presents




It was Christmas morning and Brian was enjoying a cup of coffee while he sat on the sofa in the loft.  He stared at the beautifully decorated Christmas tree that stood in front of the loft windows.  He had never thought he would have a Christmas tree.  He didn't really believe in any of that junk.  At least, he didn't used to believe in the whole Christmas nonsense.  But then something had happened.  A little blond twink had wormed his way into Brian's life and nothing had been the same since.  All the old beliefs, credos and rules had gradually gone the way of the dodo.  And so, here he sat staring at the tree.

"Brian, are you up?" a voice called from the bedroom.

"Yes, dear," Brian replied trying not to be too sarcastic.

"How long have you been up?" Justin asked as he came to the top of the steps from the bedroom.  He was trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.

"About an hour."

"Why didn't you wake me?"

"What for?"

"To see if Santa has been here."

Brian snorted.  "Santa apparently was here.  He left a present for you and one for me too."

"Really?" Justin asked as he flopped down beside Brian on the sofa.  "Imagine that - a present for the Grinch."

"Who you calling a grinch?" Brian demanded.

"You, my sweet, caring, lovely grinch."

"How many cookies did you have yesterday?  The sweetness is rotting my teeth."

"I had just enough cookies, thank you very much, and I'm always sweet."

"Before I throw up, why don't you put on a robe and we can open our presents," Brian suggested.

"Hm, Brian Kinney telling me to put on clothes.  This must mean the romance is over," Justin joked.

"Yeah, just sex, no romance," Brian declared.

Justin smiled to himself.  He and Brian had been living together for months now, since Justin's aborted foray in New York City.  Justin had some mild success in New York, but nothing that made it worth being separated from Brian.  The sex had been great since he returned, but the little romantic moments from time to time meant even more.  Brian had mellowed during Justin's absence.

Justin grabbed his robe, got a cup of coffee and rejoined Brian on the sofa.  "Should we open Santa's presents first or the ones we gave to each other?" he asked.

"I know what Santa's gift to you is, so open this one," Brian said handing his gift to Justin.

"Did you see Santa when he delivered his presents?" Justin asked batting his eyelashes at Brian.  He accepted the box Brian handed him, wondering what it might be.  It looked like a beautifully wrapped shirt box.

Brian snorted again.  "Yeah!  Right!  Santa says hello."

Justin made a face.  The old sarcastic Brian was still alive and well in spite of some mellowing.  Justin tore the paper off his gift.  He opened the box to reveal a royal blue cashmere sweater.  He held it against his face.  "It's so soft," Justin whispered.

"Do you like it?" Brian asked hoping the answer would be yes.

"I love it," Justin replied.  He took off his robe and slid the sweater over his head.  "It feels like air."  He rubbed his hand gently along the sleeves.

Brian pulled him into his lap and nuzzled against Justin's neck feeling the softness of the sweater against his face.  "Nice."

Justin relished in the soft intimate contact for a couple of minutes.  "Time for you to open your present," he whispered against Brian's ear.

Brian pulled back and took the gift that Justin handed him.  He pulled off the paper and looked at an image of himself.  It reminded him vaguely of the infamous sketch from the GLC show, except that he had clothes on and Gus in his lap.

"Do you like it?" Justin asked.

"Perfect," Brian replied.  "I think we should hang it in the alcove."

Justin grinned.  Brian hanging his sketch meant that he really did like it.  "I'm glad you want to hang it up."

"Of course I do."

"Santa presents next?" Justin asked.

"If we must," Brian said.

"We must," Justin declared.  He picked up the two presents that were from Santa.  "Here's yours."  He handed a box to Brian much like the one his sweater had come in.

"Open yours first," Brian said.

"Okay."  Justin ripped off the paper and pulled out the contents of the box inside.  He burst out laughing.  "Ooh, a threesome."

Brian merely stuck his tongue in his cheek and grinned.  "I wonder what Santa got me," he said when Justin finally stopped laughing.

Brian opened the box that was about the same size as the one with the sweater inside that he had given Justin.  "Fuck!"

"What?" Justin asked innocently.

"Santa brought me an ugly Christmas sweater," Brian declared.  He held it up.

Justin held his breath until he heard a soft chuckle from Brian.  "Is it okay?" he asked.  "It's called the stolen nose snowmen sweater."

Brian shook his head and laughed out loud.  "I should wear this to Deb's for Christmas dinner.  It's better than any of her god-awful ugly Christmas sweaters."

"You'd really wear it?" Justin asked in surprise.  These were supposed to be gag gifts.

"You wear your sweater and I'll wear mine," Brian stated.

"Deal!" Justin agreed with a big grin.  He loved this new and improved Brian Kinney.

"But first we need to get you out of that sweater before we get it all sweaty and wrinkled," Brian said pulling the sweater over Justin's head.  "We haven't had our Christmas fuck yet."

"Don't you mean our Christmas fucks?" Justin asked as Brian pulled him up and they headed for the bedroom.

"I stand corrected," Brian said.

And so all was quiet at the loft except for the lovely Christmas sounds of infinite pleasure that resounded through the day, until it was time to don their sweaters and head for Debbie's.

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