Making Amends

"But Brian, it's Memorial Day weekend. We have to have a barbeque."

"No, we fucking don't. Now put the fucking grill back where you found it."

"But, Bri."

"I said NO. 350,000 times NO!"


Brian cut him off mid-sentence. "Put it back, get in line, NOW!"

"Whatever." Justin sulked off while Brian checked out the few groceries he had allowed Justin to pick out. Muttering to himself he made a mental note to come back and buy the damn grill when Brian was at work tomorrow.

An hour later they were home resting in bed after an intense sex session. Brian stroked Justin's hair and thought about how mean he'd been to him in the store earlier. Justin slid out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Hearing the shower start, Brian grabbed his phone and quickly dialed Cynthia.

"Cyn, listen, I know it's the weekend and you are technically off, but I need you to do something for me."

"Brian, it's Saturday, I'm not going in to the office for any amount of money."

"This is not work related."

"Oh, so it's Justin related. What'd you do this time?"

"What haven't I done? But that's beside the point. Listen, get over to the Big Q before they close and buy me the nicest fucking charcoal grill you can find. OH and you better get all the crap that goes with it. Put it on the company card, I'll get Teddy to find some way to write the damn thing off, even if it means I have to put it in a fucking ad."

"And once I've bought the damn thing, where do you want me to take it?"

"Fuck, I hadn't thought about that. Hmmmm, let me think......Ok, got it, take it to Debbie's."

"Fine. Should I pick up the meal too?"

"Yeah, steaks for twenty, and some of that potato shit."

"Potato salad?"

"Yeah, Justin likes that stuff."


"Thanks Cyn, and I'll see you tomorrow around one for the damn barbeque."

"Great. I guess since I'm buying all the damn stuff I should at least get to enjoy it."

"Oh and put a big red bow on the fucking grill."

After quickly filling Debbie in on what was happening, Brian set about making plans on how to get Justin over there without arousing suspicion.

The next morning Justin woke to an empty bed. Searching the loft he found a note taped to the fridge.

****Sunshine, had to go to the office. Debbie called and said that she had a box of your stuff. She wants you to pick it up today or she's going to throw it away. She said you need to be there around noon, cause she's going out of town with Carl tonight. I will be out of reach most of the day. I'll see you tonight. B************

Justin sighed, then went off to shower. After a morning of drawing and moping around the loft he headed out to Debbie's. When he arrived he found the house empty. Yelling for her, he headed upstairs only to find it deserted as well.

Going out the back door he was shocked to see the whole gang and his mom and sister there. Stepping out from behind a big black Webber grill with a big red bow, Brian took his hand, kissed it and led him to the grill.

"What are you doing?" Justin questioned.

"Trying to make up for being a complete idiot."

"By coming to a cook out?"

"By cohosting a cookout with my partner."

"What are you talking about Brian?"

"I'm trying to tell you that I bought you that damn grill you wanted and planned a party to say I'm sorry."

Justn wrapped his arms around Brian's neck and jumped into his arms pressing kisses all over his face. "Thank you. I love you Brian."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Now come on Sunshine, let's fire this bitch up."

"You sounded so butch just then Bri."

"Just wait until we get home and I'll show you butch."

"I can't wait."

"Me either, Sunshine."

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