Sleeping Prince

Sleeping Prince

Fairy Tales with a Twist

In a land not so far away in the kingdom of Pittsville lived three kind and special fairies.  Their names were Teddy, Auntie Em, and Mikey.  Together they vowed to fight the evil forces of the wicked fiddler and bring love and happiness using their power of friendship.


The day the evil fiddler put a curse on the infant Prince Justin the three good fairies vowed to protect him.  “The evil fiddler knows nothing about love and happiness,” declared Auntie Em.


“You’re so right, Auntie Em.  But what can we do?” whined Mikey


Teddy being the ever so practical fairy, thought long and hard before declaring,  We could live like poor people and raise Prince Justin ourselves, the evil fiddler would never expect us to do such a thing.” 


Jumping up and down and clapping his hands in delight, Auntie Em squealed, “Oh, Teddy that is such a brilliant idea. You are so smart!”


“Live like poor people” complained Mikey.  “You’ve got to be kidding.”


“Come on Mikey,” Auntie Em said sweetly, “You believe in love and happiness just like the rest of us.  Wouldn’t you do anything to keep that believe alive?”


“Oh, you’re right Auntie Em, I do believe in love and happiness,” Mikey said sullenly. “If that is what we are going to receive, I’m all for it.”


“Okay fellow fairies if we work together to do this, we can make it happen,” Teddy said with finality.


So it went that the three fairies spirited the young prince into the suburbs and live the humble lives of the poor.


Over the next sixteen years they cared for the beautiful Prince Justin as if he were their own son.  They had found a rundown apartment on the outskirts of Pittsville and kept themselves hidden there as they nurtured and cherished Prince Justin, or PJ as they lovingly referred to their charge. 


On the eve of PJ’s sixteenth birthday, the three fairies sent him to the park so he could do some sketching, while they planned a surprise party for him.  They were sad he would soon be returning to his family but they had to think about PJ’s happiness. 


As he sat sketching the various scenes around the park, he stopped to daydream about someday meeting a handsome and gallant prince and falling in love.  “What I wouldn’t do to find the man of my dreams and be able to live happily ever after,” PJ sighed as he was brought out of his daydream by sight of a tall, hazel-eyed and handsome stranger climbing out of his ‘Vette. Trailing along beside him was a young boy, miniature image of himself.


PJ sat in awe of this beautiful man and he watched him lovingly play with his son on the swings.  Fast and furiously he set about to capture this exquisite creature in a sketch so that he would forever remember this handsome man.  So engrossed was he in his sketching that PJ did not realize he had an audience.  The miniature hazel-eyed little boy stood by his side curiously watching him. 


“That’s my daddy you’re drawed,” said the little boy.


“So it is.  What’s your name little one?” PJ inquired.


“My name is Gus and my daddy’s name is Brian. Why are you drawing my daddy and what is your name?” Gus asked with all the curiosity of a child.


Chuckling, PJ replied “My name is PJ and the reason I’m sketching your dad is….well…it’s because he is the most beautiful man I have ever seen.”


“He is?” Gus questioned.


“Yes, he certainly is,” PJ sighed


“Gus, where are you?” Brian called out wondering all of sudden where his son had run off to.  “Shit. I turn my back on that kid for a minute and he’s off like a flash,” he mumbled as he spotted Gus having a conversation with the blue-eyed beauty he has seen numerous times before when they had visited the park.


“Over here daddy.  Come look at this picture PJ drawed for you.”


As Brian drew near PJ’s heart started beating faster and he became mesmerized at the elegance of the man.  “God, up close he is even more handsome.”


“Gus, you can’t just take off without letting me know,” admonished Brian


“But daddy, look at what PJ drawed.”


“Drew, Gus,” Brian corrected.




“Never mind, Gus. Hi, my name is Brian,” said the elegant man extending his hand. “I hope Gus hasn’t been bothering you.”


“Uh…oh…uh,” PJ became so flustered he could barely remember his name.  He couldn’t believe the man he’s been dreaming of was standing right before him.


“Are you alright?” Brian inquired.


Shaken out of his trance PJ stuttered, “Oh yes, I’m fine.  Hi, my name is PJ,” as he extended his hand toward Brian.


Grasping PJ’s hand warmly in his, they both could feel a jolt of electricity pass between them.  Hazel eyes stared into glittering blue ones and they quickly pulled away frightened at what they both felt.  Pulled out of their reverie by Gus’ insistent voice.


“Daddy,” he insisted. “I said to look at the picture PJ drawed of you.”


“Okay, Sonnyboy I will if PJ will show it to me.”


“Come on PJ show daddy the picture.”


Shyly, PJ lifted his sketchbook and offered it to Brian to see.


“Wow! I am impressed, PJ. You are very talented. I think you captured my likeness extremely well.”


So thrilled to hear a compliment coming from this man, PJ smiled his mega-watt smile.  The three fairies had always said he was a talented artist but he always thought they were just being kind.  But to hear it coming from this handsome stranger meant more to him than anything else and the smile on his face proved it.


Seeing PJ smile made Brian’s heart melt.  He couldn’t believe that he was falling for this blond hair, blue-eyed beauty. 


“You are? Thank you, Brian,” PJ replied.


“Sure, Sunshine.  You’re very talented.”


“Sunshine?” PJ questioned


“Yeah, when you smile you light up heaven.”


“Daddy, come on let’s go back to the swings and play,” Gus said pulling both men out of their trances.


“Would you like to join us?” Brian asked PJ.


Not wanting to let this man out of his sight, PJ quickly gathered his supplies. Without thinking Brian reached for PJ’s hand as they walked along together to the swings. After a while PJ realized it was getting late and reluctantly had to leave.


Turning to Brian, PJ looked with longing and gently caressed his face.  At that moment he knew that this was love and strong as anything he had ever felt.


Returning to the apartment, PJ dreamily sighed as he greeted the three fairies. “This has been the best day of my life,” he proclaimed. “Oh Auntie Em, I have met the most handsome man at the park today and I am in love with him.”


Distraught at the news that was just put before them Teddy, Auntie Em and Mikey, were not happy to hear about PJ meeting this stranger.  They sat him down and explained to him that he was a prince.  Saddened by the news, PJ thought he would never see Brian, his one true love again.


Returning PJ to his family, the three fairies did not realize that the evil fiddler had plotted against them.  He had hired the wicked Chris Hobbs to do the dirty deed.  As they pulled up to the family home of Debbie and Uncle Vic, out of the bushes Hobbs came swinging, catching Prince Justin on the back of the head with a baseball bat.


“Oh. My. God!” cried Auntie Em


“Quickly call an ambulance,” said the level-headed Teddy


“Now what?” whined Mikey.


As the ambulance raced to Pittsville General Hospital a quiet pall fell over the land.  Only a kiss from true love can bring Prince Justin out of his coma the fairies declared.


Discovering that Brian was the stranger that PJ fell in love with that day in the park they went to Brian’s loft.  Begging him to come with them.


“Please Brian,” Auntie Em begged.  “You must help us bring Prince Justin out of his coma with a kiss.  You are his one true love.”


“I don’t believe in love,” Brian declared. 


“How can anyone not believe in love,” said the ever practical Teddy


“Brian, doesn’t do love because the evil fiddler must have put a curse on his heart,” Mikey whined.


The three fairies combined their powers of persuasion and convinced Brian to open his heart to love; that there is goodness in loving someone, and most of all that true love will endure.


Their powers of persuasion along with Brian’s strength of character provided them with enough power that they were able to put an end to the curse that evil fiddler had placed on his heart.


Dragging Brian to Pittsville General, he cautiously entered the prince’s room with the three fairies in tow, chattering like magpies over the luck they had found in the mighty Brian. 


Looking down at the sleeping prince and seeing his beautiful face, he lovingly ran a finger along his cheek.  Brian was frightened to give his heart to this beauty that laid before him.  How could anyone capture his heart the way Justin did? Could he live with not ever again seeing those eyes of blue that melted his heart with just one look?  Did he want to go on being a coward the rest of his life and never know what being in love was like or having your love returned.  Knowing the answer to all these questions, he gently leaned in and softly brushed a tender kiss on Justin’s warm lips.  Slowly, eyelids started to flutter, and glittering blue eyes meet loved filled hazel ones.  Justin sighed, giving Brian that sunshine smile that had haunted him ever since their first meeting.  Declaring their love for one another, Brian enfolded Justin into a warm embrace knowing that opening his heart to love was the right decision. 


Watching what transpired, Teddy, Auntie Em and even Mikey, gleefully cheered and hugged one another.  Their prince had found and conquered his one true love and would live happily ever after. 

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