Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Fairy Tales with a Twist


Once upon a time three bears shared an apartment in downtown
Pittsburgh.  The three had been friends for many years, but were very different from each other.

The oldest of them was Ted and he was nicknamed Poppa Bear because of his great age.  He loved opera and porn and his life revolved around those two things.

Next was Emmett who was by far the most flamboyant of the three.  He loved wild clothes in garish colors that suited him to a tee.  He also loved to cook and throw parties.  As a result he was sometimes called Momma Bear or Auntie Emm depending on the mood of the person who was addressing him.

The last friend was known as Baby or Babycakes because he was so cute.  He was a gorgeous man who loved designer clothes and fucking anything that moved.

One day a twink walked along
Liberty Avenue.  He name was Justin but he was commonly called Goldilocks or Sunshine because he had hair like spun gold and a smile that put the sun to shame.  This day he was very sad because his father had just found out that he wasn't interested in girls.  He had told his father that he liked dick and was going out to find some.  His father told him never to come back.

Goldilocks walked along
Liberty Avenue looking for something, although he wasn't sure what.  He was pretty sure that he would find it there though.  He passed an apartment building with the front door wide open.  Goldilocks had left home hours ago and he was very hungry.  He took the open door as an invitation to enter.  Maybe somebody would give him some food.  He was so hungry and didn't have any money to buy food.

The door to the first apartment inside stood open too.  He stuck his head in and called out.  Nobody answered.  He walked tentatively into the large room and saw three meals laid out on the dining room table.  He went to the first meal and picked up the fork next to the plate.  A closer look made him reconsider as he saw the meal – a tuna sandwich on white bread with vanilla pudding.  

He dropped the fork.  "Yuck!" he said even though he was very hungry.

He looked at the next meal – cheese and pear puffs, banana blueberry pancakes and a donut.  He sampled one of the pear puffs.  It wasn't bad, but maybe he'd have this for dessert.

The last meal – a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and a bowl of what looked like Pad Thai – didn't seem too bad at all.  Goldilocks sat down and ate the Thai food.  It was delicious.  He started on the turkey sandwich next.  It was okay but would have been better with some mayo.

Goldilocks had another pear puff and a bite or two from the donut, but he thought it was probably Krispy Kreme and way too sweet.

He wandered into the living room and saw three chairs.  The first one was placed directly to get a good view of the TV.  The magazines and remote were perfectly aligned on the table next to it.  He shuffled through the magazines.  The chair sure didn't look very comfy or inviting and he didn't want to read about opera.

The second chair had the wildest afghan he had ever seen thrown over it.  Goldilocks sat in it wrapping the colorful afghan around his shoulders.  The chair looked soft and comfortable, but it just didn't seem like it was meant for him.  He threw off the afghan and moved to the next chair.

The third chair was really a sleek black chaise.  He lowered himself into it and realized it suited him quite well.  He could imagine lying there with some gorgeous man, maybe sharing … ice cream kisses.  As his dick grew hard he wiggled around on the chair leaving dirty marks from his shoes.  Goldilocks quickly got up from the chair deciding it wouldn't be polite to jerk off in someone else's living room.

He wandered into what was a bedroom.  He looked around at the rather impersonal room.  A set of dildos were lined up neatly on the nightstand.  Goldilocks picked up one and imagined what might be done with such a thing.  He quickly dropped it scattering the dildos all over the floor.  He didn't think this was the place for him.

He went into the next bedroom.  Clothes in an unbelievable array of colors were scattered about.  The bed was covered in a rainbow bedspread.  He lay down on the bed rolling around and trying to get comfortable.  It was all a bit too wild and queenish for Goldilocks.  He quickly left.

The third bedroom had a low, sleek bed with a dark blue duvet covering it.  Blue neon lights shone out above the bed.  It looked warm and inviting.  Goldilocks lay down and soon was fast asleep, tired from the long walk from his home.

Not long after, the three bears came up from the laundry room.  They carried the newly pink underwear that had somehow gotten mixed in with one of Babycake's red shirts.

"Emmett, how could you have been so stupid?  Didn't you sort first?" Ted asked.

"I thought I had," Emmett said tearily.

"It's pretty hard to miss a red shirt when everything else is fucking white!" Brian said rather cruelly.

"Hey," said Ted, "somebody's moved the fork next to my dinner plate."

"And somebody has eaten a couple of my pear puffs and half my donut," said Emmett.

"Fuck!  Somebody's eaten my whole meal," Brian said.  "Oh well, it's after seven so I shouldn't eat any carbs now anyway."

Ted glanced at his chair.  "My magazines are all messed up," Ted observed and moved over to tidy them and make sure they were exactly aligned with the edge of the table.

"Somebody's been using my afghan," Emmett observed.  He threw it back over the chair the way it should be.

"Somebody's been sitting in my chaise," Brian said with a scowl.  "And he's gotten his dirty feet all over it.  I'm going to kill the fucker."

Ted had wandered into his bedroom to see if the intruder might be there.  "Hey, somebody's been playing with my dildos.  They're all over the floor."

"Probably the most use they've gotten in ages," Brian told him.  Ted made a face at him.

"Somebody's been rolling around on my bed.  The bedspread's all messed up," Emmett told them.  "Wish I'd been here to roll around with whoever it was," he said wistfully.

"You two are pathetic," Brian said and went into his bedroom.  “The intruder is sleeping in my bed," Brian called, "and I'm going to keep him."  Brian slammed the door and awoke his Goldilocks with the most soul searing kiss.  Goldilocks couldn't believe his good fortune.

And they fucked happily ever after.

"Why does he have all the luck?" Ted asked Emmett.

"I don't know," Emmett said.  "How am I going to get this underwear white again?"  

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