The Waitress of OZ

A/N.......I took a few liberties and changed the story slightly. Hope you enjoy......Oh and this is my answer to the fairy tale challenge...I know it isn't a fairy tale but inspiration hit with this one.......
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"Toto, I don't think we're in Pittsburgh anymore", Justin said quietly stroking the cat behind the ears. He held him close, afraid of what was hapening to him. Toto spotted a field mouse and clawed at Justin, sending little cat hairs up his nose and Justin began to sneeze uncontrollably.

As Toto ran after the mouse, a strange little man appeared and frightened Justin.

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

Justin nervously responded, "I'm not a witch at all."

"But you must be a witch to have dropped that house on the Evil Stockwell. So are you a good witch or a bad witch?"

"But really I'm not a witch at all." Justin bent down to the man's level and asked in a whisper, "where am I?"

"Why you're in
Fairy Land. And I am Vic, Mayor of Fairy Land."

Just then the flowers and trees all popped up and became people. Justin stepped back worried that he was in some sort of trouble when they all came over to look at him closely. They began to sing and dance around him. The words made little sense to him but the melody was pretty.

"Ding Dong the Son of a Bitch is gone, the wicked old Son of a Bitch is gone."

Justin turned to face his house but was stopped by the most beautiful sight he had ever seen in the sky. As  the bubble neared it began to take shape and as it landed quietly next to him he saw a  beautiful woman appear.

"My dear boy, do not be afraid. You are a hero here. You have freed the Fairys of Stockwell's control and for that you will forever be a legend."

"But I didn't do anything."

"Oh my dear boy, yes you did. Turn around," she said turning him physically to look at the feet under his house. "What I don't know is how you knew he
would be here at that time."

"I swear I didn't mean to kill anyone. The house began to twitch, then it became unhitched then I was flying through the air and landed with a thud."

Off in the distance came a dark cloud which sent all of the fairys in
Fairy Land scrambling for cover.  An evil looking man stood before Justin and cackled.

"Ah, so you are the faggott who killed my brother."

"I didn't kill anyone. At least I didn't mean to."

"Son of a Bitch Craig, you know he had it coming."

"Shut up Jennifer. Being a good witch has made you a pain in the ass."

"Ah, but I'm much happier here with the fairys than I ever was at your castle, Craig." Jennifer the Good Witch waved her wand and magically removed
Stockwell's ruby moccasins and placed them on Justin's feet.

Craig shot fire from his broom at Justin's feet but the shoes deflected the flame and Justin gave a small yelp. Jennifer put a protective arm around him and held him close, whispering words of love until Craig  disappeared in a ball of fire.

"It seems my dear boy, that you have made a powerful enemy. You must depart
Fairy Land now or else face the wrath of Craig and his flying flunkies."

"But I can't go back the way I came, so how do I get back to

"You follow the yellow brick avenue. Just put one foot in front of the other and follow the yellow brick avenue util you reach Liberty Ave. Then you will be in OZ and you need to go see the Great Waitress of OZ and ask her to help you get home to this

"Will she help me?"

"Of course she will my dear boy, you are a fairy after all." And with a kiss she sent Justin and Toto off down the Yellow Brick Aveunue.

Several hours later, Justin came to a fork in the road and was wondering which way he should go when a scarecrow told him to go right.

"Did you speak?"

The scarecrow laughed heartily and nodded. "I did."

"Do you have a name?"

"Mikey. At least that's what the farmer who put me here called me the last time I saw him. Are you new in town?"

"Well, kinda. I'm on my way to see the Waitress of OZ. She's going to help me get home."

"Do you think she could help a poor scarecrow like me?"

"I'm sure she could. What is it you want?"

"A brain. See I'm stuffed full of straw and I would love to think great thoughts and be able to dream of the man of my dreams. IF only I had a brain."

"Well then lets get you down and we'll be on our way." Justin helped Mikey down and they skipped off down the yellow brick avenue arm in arm.

As they slowed due to hunger they came upon a forest full of apple trees. Mikey ran over to the first tree and pulled an apple off eating it hungrily.
Almost immediately the tree threw an apple at his head, hitting him square on top. At his cry of pain Justin came running. Seeing the trees pelting his
new friend with apples he quickly attacked back. Just when he thought they may win there was an awful noise in the sky and all the trees bent in fright.

Overhead were flying monkey men, hundreds of them. One swooped down and grabbed hold of Justin, trying with all  his might to carry him off. Mikey
and Toto rallied round and fought off the monkey man, effectively saving Justin's life, though they didn't know it at the time. You see the evil Son
of a Bitch Craig had ordered his best monkey,
Hobbs to destroy Justin and whoever was with him.

As they ran in fear, Justin got a strange feeling of love and stopped to listen for sounds of his one true love. In the distance he heard a creaking sound and ran towards it finding a stunningly tall, handsome man of tin, all rusted and in need of love. He smiled his sunshine smile and the tin man began to smile back. Justin spotted a can of oil nearby and hurriedly oiled his love. As soon as the tin man's mouth was free he leaned in and kissed the boy with the sunshine smile.

Breaking apart reluctantly they both stared deeply into the other's eyes and held on tightly to one another. The spell was broken when Mikey the scarecrow pulled Justin from the tin man's arms and oiled the rest of him.

"So tin man, do you have a name?" Mikey asked, in awe of the beauty before him.

"Brian. Where are you headed that you happened upon  me like this in the forest? There hasn't been anyone in this part in years."

Justin stepped closer to finish oiling the rest of his love. "We're on our way to see the Great Waitress of OZ. She's going to help me find my way home, and give Mikey a brain."

"Do you think she could help me as well?" Brian asked shyly. "Why whatever could you need, Bri?" Mikey asked in wonder.

Brian looked into Justin sapphire eyes and shakily answered. "I would like a heart so that I can feel this overwhelming love I have for Justin. I've never known love and he gives it so freely, I would only like to be able to return it to him."

"OH, I'm sure that the Great Waitress is too busy to give you a mere heart," Mikey started to say before Justin interrupted him.

"She will give you a heart, Brian. And if she doesn't you can have mine, because without your love to fill it, I have no need for it."

Brian pulled the young blond close and kissed him once again, causing him to rust and Mikey to have to oil his lips just to break the kiss.

The threesome and Toto hurried off down the yellow brick avenue, trying to make it to OZ before darkness settled in. They skipped into a dark, eery section of the forest and Mikey brought up his fear of lions, tigers and bears. As they skipped along singing "Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY." A lion jumped out from behind a tree growling and licking his lips.

Brian jumped in front of Justin and Mikey cowered behind the tin man. Toto charged the beast and bit him, causing the lion to cry hysterically as he
clutched his injured tail. Between sniffles the lion danced around in pain.

"What'd you do that for?"

"Well you were being so mean to us and he was only protecting us. You got what you deserved." Justin was not happy with Toto but did feel that the lion deserved it.

"I did not," the lion whined.

Mikey stepped forward feeling a little braver now that lion wasn't growling anymore. "What kinda lion are you anyway? Lions don't cry. You are just a coward."

"Yes, yes I am," the lion said between sobs. "Everyone in the forest teases me and calls me Teddy the Terrified. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be
a cowardly lion?"

"You should come with us to see the Great and Powerful Waitress of OZ," Justin said excitedly.

Brian didn't want to share Justin's attention with anyone else and tried to protest, "the Waitress won't give him courage, she will laugh at him. He is just a silly little faggot."

Justin pulled away from Brian and glared at him angrily. "If she can give you a heart, then she can give him courage. Besides, he's nice and I want him to come."

With that said, Justin slipped his arm around the lion and proceeded down the yellow brick avenue without a glance back at Brian.

Just as they reached the city line for OZ, the flying monkeys returned and scooped Justin up and flew off with him to the Son of a Bitch's castle on the top of
Mount Liberty. Mikey, Brian, and Teddy spent the next hour formulating a plan to rescue their friend and then made their way to the castle.

Brian climbed the side of the mountain when he heard the evil fiddle music and Justin's cries. Half way to the top, the fiddle playing monkey flew at him and hit him with his bow, slightly wondering the tin man. Brian's grip slipped and he began to plummet to the earth below until he heard Justin's cries. Grabbing hold of a tree he pulled himself up just in time to see the fiddling monkey holding Justin close and kissing him.

Justin struggled against the monkey, but the fiddle music was too much and he gave in to the passion that swept through him. Just as he was about to bed the fiddle player, Brian burst into the room and saved him.

Running through the halls of the castle they were about to make their escape when Craig's top monkey,
Hobbs swung a bat and connected with the side of
Justin's head. Blood flowed and covered the tin man. Just as Justin sank to the ground, Craig came forward to revel in his victory. Brian looked around and grabbed a bucket of cum, throwing it onto the evil Son of a Bitch Craig. He instantly began to melt from the contact of the sperm. Grabbing the septer he held, Brian gathered Justin up and ran from the mountain. Mikey and Teddy were waiting for him and they all ran until the reached the Waitress' door.

They were granted entry immediately and the loud mouthed Great Waitress of OZ was ushered into the room with the strange foursome. She stroked the head of
the injured Justin and he woke with a smile that lit up the room.

"Ah Sunshine, you are here finally. I've been told of your journey here to see me and of the bravery you have shown at every step. You are a very strong man and I will do what ever you wish."

"Well,  you greatness, my friends each have a wish as well, would you be so kind as to grant theirs as well?"

"Of course, tomorrow morning we will have a ceremony and you will all have your wish fulfilled."

The next day dawned bright and sunny and the four friends were escorted into the formal ball room where the Great Waitress of OZ was waiting for them.

Mikey was the first to receive his wish. With his new brain he thought of a strong, handsome man and Ben, the White Knight of OZ  came forward and they
rode off into the sunset on his horse.

Teddy was given his courage and went off to fight his addictions to blond crystal queens with his one true love Blake.

Brian was next and the Waitress asked him what his wish was. He smiled down at Justin as he answered. "My wish is to have a heart so that I can feel the
love Justin so freely gives me. I want to be able to love him with all of my heart."

"My dear boy, you already do. You have a heart, you just hadn't used it in so long that you forgot you had it."

Brian smiled brightly and stepped back to gather Justin into his arms, kissing him passionately.

When they broke from the kiss, it was Justin's turn to have his wish granted. "I want to go home, you greatness. But I want to take Brian with me."

And so it was done.

And they lived happily ever after..................


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