Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

"Uncle Brian, where's Gramma Debbie?"

Brian looked down at Sarah and shook his head. "I don't know kid, let's call daddy and find out."

The little girl started to jump up and down at the mention of her dad and Brian rolled his eyes remembering a time when Gus used to do the same thing.
Picking the little girl up, he carried her with him as he went to call Michael.

"Hey, Mikey, I got this beautiful little redhead here who's been begging for you."

"Put her on, Bri."


"Hey pumpkinhead."

"You're a pumpkinhead, daddy."

"I love you babygirl."

"Love you too daddy. Where's Gramma Debbie?"

"She's probably at work pumpkinhead."

"Is her coming here tonight?"

"I bet she is."

"Daddy, did you know Santa comes tomorrow night?"

"Who told you that pumpkinhead?"

"Uncle Brian. He said that Santa will have a special present for me from him and Uncle Justy. And Daddy, Santa is going to have a present for you too."

"He is? How do you know that?"

"Uncle Brian called him."

"He did?"

"Yep and I got to talk to him. He sounds really nice Daddy."

"What did he say to you, pumpkinhead?"

"He asked me if I've been good and I said yes. He believed me too Daddy. He even let me talk to his elves. I asked about Rudolph but he was at school
learning the map or something."

"Wow, sounds like Uncle Brian is keeping you busy."

"Yep, he's not mean like you said , Daddy. I like playing with him, he's fun, he makes all kinds of silly voices and stuff."

"I'm  glad you're having fun, pumpkinhead. Let Daddy talk to Uncle Brian."

"Ok. Love you daddy."

"Love you too, Princess Pumpkinhead."

Brian took the phone from the little girl and watched her run across the room and plop down in front of the Christmas tree that Justin had insisted on putting up. She quietly watched the lights as they danced while Brian talked to her daddy.

"Brian, I'm getting worried about Ma. She left the diner an hour ago."

"Maybe she got run over by a reindeer."

"Brian, I'm serious."

"So am I. Some of those reindeer are violent. Didn't you watch Rudolph with the kid the other night or were you and Daddy Ben too wrapped up in each
other to notice how evil those creatures really are?"

"Brian can't you be serious for a minute?"

"Listen Mikey, I've spent my night with a three year old and a five year old. This is as serious as I can fucking get at the moment. I've played Candy Land six times, Chutes and Ladders four times and damn it Justin went out for ice cream an hour ago and I think he ran away. So if I don't sound serious maybe it's because while you and Benjamin Bunny are off making whoopee, I'm stuck at home playing mommy dearest to your kid."

"Just try calling Uncle Vic and see if he's heard from her."

Before Brian could say anything Justin and Debbie came strolling in arm in arm. Sarah jumped to her feet and ran to her grandmother. Wrapping herself around her legs the little girl looked up at her grandmother and exclaimed, "Uncle Brian said you got run over by a reindeer, Gramma Debbie."

"He did, did he?" Debbie shot Brian a look of amusement and pried her granddaughter's fingers open and held her up for a kiss. "A reindeer?"

"Yep, Uncle Brian said they're evil. Then he said a bad word, Uncle Justy."

"What did he say?"

"The "F" word."

"Oh now that's gonna cost him. Go get Gus and we'll figure out his punishment."

"Just don't make him kiss you, Uncle Justy. He likes that too much."

"Hey squirt, I'll kiss him anytime I want." Brian proved his point by pulling Justin into his embrace and kissing him. Gus chose that moment to wake from his nap.

"EWWWWWW. Daddy why do you always gotta kiss Justin like that?"

"Because I love him Sonny Boy."

Justin and Debbie both stood speechless at having heard Brian's words. It took a moment for Brian to realize what he'd said and he slowly turned back
to face his lover.

Tears were flowing down Justin's face and Brian wiped them away and pulled him close once again.

"Did you mean it, Bri?'

"Every single word, Sunshine." Brian lowered his lips to Justin's and kissed him softly, letting his words sink in.

"I love you too."

"I know."

Gus and Sarah both stared at the men and shook their heads. Debbie escorted the kids to the kitchen and set about making cookies for Santa, all the while marveling at the Christmas miracle that had occurred before her eyes that night.

For the next few days all Gus and Sarah could talk about was how Gramma Debbie had gotten run over by a reindeer and Brian had made Justin cry. Their friends teased them mercilessly and Debbie declared that if she had known it only took her getting run over by Rudolph to make Brian admit he loved Sunshine she'd have flown to the North Pole years before.

THE END.........

Merry you all SUN

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