To Trip Or Not To Trip




“Um, could we maybe take a vacation together?” Justin asked holding his breath as soon as the words were out of his mouth.


“You know, a trip, a getaway, just the two of us.”

“We don’t exactly have a great history of that kind of thing turning out well.”

“What do you mean?” Justin asked. “We’ve never gone away together.”

“My point exactly.”

“Oh, you mean like the ski trip to Vermont?”

“Where you went by yourself.”

“Or when you won the trip to the White Party?”

“And you turned me down for a lesbian wedding.” Brian shuddered dramatically.

“Oh, yeah, right.” Justin felt his high hopes of some time away with Brian start to fade.

“So what makes you think I’d want to try a trip away with you again?”

“Because you love me…” Justin replied batting his eyelashes at his lover.

Brian snorted. “You’ll have to come up with something better than that.”

“Hey, you looking for trouble, big guy?”

“Just stating the facts, ma’am,” Brian said smugly.

“When did you become such a major shithead?” Justin demanded defiantly.

“That’s not much of a method of persuasion,” Brian replied raising an eyebrow.

Justin decided he better choose his words and his reactions more carefully. He drew in a deep breath. “So, what do think?” he said gently. “Could we go somewhere? Miami? Vermont? Ibiza?”

“You would bring that up.”



“I know, I know,” Justin sighed. “I just thought maybe…”

“I’ll think about it,” Brian said looking into the blue eyes.

“You will?” Justin asked, his megawatt smile lighting the loft.

“I will, so don’t bug me about it.”

“Okay,” Justin said quickly. He wondered how long he’d have to wait … and if Brian would follow through.



“Sunshine,” Brian called as he entered the loft the next evening.

“Up here,” Justin replied as he came out of the bathroom.

“I have something for you.”

“You do?” Justin asked running down the steps and skidding to a halt in front of Brian.

Brian chuckled. “Anxious much?”

“Maybe a little. Is this about our trip?” Justin asked hopefully.

Brian reached into his pocket and drew out what looked like airline tickets. He waved them under Justin’s nose, refusing to let the younger man grab them when he reached for them.

“Come on, Brian. Where are we going?”

Brian smiled and handed the tickets to Justin. Justin opened the flap and stared at the tickets. “Honolulu,” Justin whispered. “Honolulu? Honolulu! We’re going to Hawaii?”

Brian nodded. “Look at the date.”

“April first,” Justin read, then his face dropped. “Is … is this an April Fool’s joke?” he asked with a little break in his voice.

“Would I do that to you?”

“You might.”

“Aren’t those tickets real?”

“They look real,” Justin said staring at them and noting all the things he expected to read on actual tickets.

“They’re for tomorrow.”

“April first.”


“We’re going to Hawaii tomorrow?”

“Unless you pull some bullshit on me and refuse to go.”

“Why would I do that?” Justin laughed wrapping his arms around Brian’s neck.

“There might be a lesbian couple somewhere who are in need of your services as ring bearer.”

“Asshole!” Justin reacted letting go of Brian’s neck so he could give Brian a jab to the gut.

“I will be an asshole if you decide not to go.”

“I wouldn’t do that.”

“Then start packing.”

“Yes, sir,” Justin said turning to go up the stairs and start choosing the clothes he would take with him.

“Hey, wait,” Brian said. “The least you can do is put out first?”

Justin laughed. “I’ll put out when we get to Hawaii.”

“I have to wait till then?”

“It’s only tomorrow.”

“Yeah, but…”

“April Fool,” Justin called as he ran up the steps dropping pieces of his clothing as he went. Brian was right behind him.

As they tumbled naked onto the bed, Justin said, “This is going to be the best April Fool’s Day ever.”

“I think April Fool’s Eve might be even better,” Brian said before his lips captured Justin’s, and their bodies began to work their magic on each other.


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