“Yeah,” Brian was telling Justin as they ascended in the elevator toward the loft they shared. “It’s a new month and I decided we should make some changes – maybe a new beginning for the new month.”

“But I thought you liked the way I organized our clothes for us, Bri.” Justin sounded confused. “I thought you even wanted me to do that kind of stuff. I’m sorry. You should have said something….”

“Well your way was OK, Kiddo,” Brian softened just a little. “But everything in the damn loft is always your way and I thought maybe we should finally make some changes – so I’m gonna organize the whole loft my way for one change. Of course, if you want to move your stuff around a little bit to suit you, that would be OK, I guess…. Anyhow I started with the bedroom and in the next week or so I’ll get to the kitchen.”

“Am I gonna be able to find all my stuff, Brian?” Justin hoped.

“Yep,” Brian told him. “It’s still all there. You might even like the way I’ve arranged it better. I think we can get more things in the closet now and the drawers seem more orderly to me too. Bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Justin was certainly not sure of that. The elevator ride ended sooner than he would have liked and they slid open the door to the loft. What Justin could see looked familiar enough but he couldn’t see into the bedroom. Even in those familiar surroundings he already felt somewhat the stranger.

“Should I check out the bedroom now, BK?” Justin wondered tentatively - unable to figure out any delaying tactic to postpone the inevitable.

“Be my guest,” Brian smiled at him – and Justin was actually beginning to feel strangely like that guest - in his own home. “Just remember, everything is exactly where I want it now so don’t do too much complaining….”

Brian grinned as Justin headed cautiously toward the entrance to the bedroom – entered – and reappeared within a minute or so.

“Brian,” the kid announced, “it’s like – still…Oh damn…”

“April fool, Sweetheart,” Brian told him with a sound of triumph in his voice.


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