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A Brief History of the Tribe

In October of 2002, Margaret created our website, originally to house Elsa Rose Bryant’s and her own writing. It was originally called Moonshadow Women because there was just the two of them. Then they invited O.G. Walton to join and discovered that he is male, so Moonshadow Women no longer worked as the name of the site. They quickly changed the name to accommodate the new writer. That’s how we became Moonshadow Tribe. Others gradually joined – Sun, Cheryltx, and many more to follow. We are still growing.

In 2004 Elsa and Margaret had a parting of the ways, and Elsa decided that it was time to spread her wings and create her own site, which would become Midnight Whispers. She had been using the pen name of Moonshadow Woman and that went with her. Hence, we have the confusion with the names. We are, however, still the Moonshadow Tribe.

Over the years we have lost people from our group, added new ones, and welcomed some who have returned. We began as a QAF fanfic group, but have expanded over time to include original fic and other fandoms. That has only made us better.

We are still a group of writers who discuss, read and assist each other with our writing. We take part in challenges. We write about what interests us. We still take in new members who would like to join us, but new members must be approved by the existing members of the Tribe.

For the most part the Tribe is still today what it was 9 years ago – a Tribe, a family.

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